Made in Taiwan, China

I don’t have too much to say about this, but I thought some on the forum might and also be interested, so…

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Here is the original link:

Taiwan itself requires exports to be labelled with the point of origin: either the name “Taiwan” or the country’s official name, “Republic of China”.

That would be against Taiwanese regulations. Exports must be properly labelled.

So it can say Made in Republic of China.


It can, but China will throw just as much of a fit over the ROC.

Products made in China (iPhone) should be ‘Made in China, Taiwan’.

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Soon Apple will have to make a decision whether they wish to stay in China or leave. With reports alleging detained Uighur labour linked to Apple products there is the possibility it won’t matter what country of origin it has of its banned from sale in the US and other places.

Doing business in China is costing more and more. Mostly through forced payments to the central government or the repercussions of central government actions through international trade laws.

With China ignoring established legal decisions and now wantonly breaking international laws there will be overtures made at the UN and other world governing bodies. This will also add costs to companies wishing to manufacture their products in China. There is also very little chance that the USA will remove the Trump tariffs.

The more interesting things to watch will be manufacturing output of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. As well as announcements of new manufacturing facilities in those places.

If Apple leaves China then China will lose more in the long term. Even if they confiscate the factory machinery in the process.

Chinese managers have also been causing trouble to Taiwanese high tech industry staff within Taiwan. Which is against Taiwanese laws if I’m not mistaken.

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They are already in Vietnam, more companies close down in China and move to other places like Vietnam. Around Hanoi many Taiwanese companies are setting up shop supplying the phone and other industries.

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My friend was telling me that when they send things to China now, they must label it as from Chinese Taipei. They used to label it ROC. But they got told it will be trashed if not from Taipei.

China insists Taiwan is theirs, so Made in Taiwan should do.

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Label laws require proper labeling. it would be illegal to say made in China. there is no wiggle room. To make it legal to say made in china, taiwan must first officially become china. there is no in between. truly, just none.

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people buying apple really need to start getting a grip. same with other brands. consumers ca force the company to change. Either way, apple is so beyond terrible it makes me worry about the populations trajectory in regards to ethics. It is just bad.

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And most of the solar panels in the world too now. Can’t win

United’s online check-in had some bull shit about “Chinese Taipei residents must present ID”. I was like “this says “中華民國 Republic of China” in it”. Obviously the employee wouldn’t have understood what I meant if I said “where on this document does this say “Chinese Taipei?!” But I think I might give corporate shit about it when I have easy access to my computer again. You wanna play games, you do it in a way that makes sense. Taiwan passports say “Republic of China”, as do ARCs. You can’t create a new name because it hurts the feelings of the Chinese people. It hurts my brain to need to produce documents for places that don’t exist


What’s so terrible about Apple?

ethics in manufacturing, their margins to customers while making it under sub par conditions, their forcing customers to use thema nd hold them hostage to apple products etc.

Many things are fair game, forexample forcing customers to only use their components and cut out their competition. That’s more the customers being tools than the company. their insanely high price considering where their stuff is produced along with them trying to lobby against human rights and produce stuff with a middle finger to their employees.

it is also fair game to say they use 3rd party OEM firms which are fucking trash too. Ahem, Foxconn. 2 wrongs dont make a right mind you, so no excuses…

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The problem is, it’s not an issue that affects most people outside Taiwan and they won’t notice given the phone is assembled with Taiwanese parts in China. Nothing will change on the exterior and your average Canadian won’t know shit.

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that only reinforces my point. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Decades of freedom of information and all. Canada or elsewhere. I wasn’t buying made in china 30 years ago as a youngin in Canada either. Schools were teaching kids about supply chains and that aspect in the 90s…

Not caring is not a good reason to counter the argument that Apple is a shitty company…sorry, just a poor fucking attitude amongst people. Meanwhile, there are those that do actually care. Maybe they cant know every products supply chain, but Apple ain’t no excuse…

Edit. this isnt about Taiwan. more about china and ethics.

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Apple is perhaps the most glaring example of a company that talks values, but doesn’t do values if they hit profits.


Everything the other critics here have said.

Also, I was a loyalist until my media company had 2 workstations bought and hardware equipped to more than $6000 each - breakdown. One had the liquid cooling fail which flooded everything with water and the other had a failed power supply just out of reach (serial numbers) of a recall for bad batches of MOSFETs in the power supply units for the same tower.

Would not cover under warranty because was weeks out.

$12,000 USD of boat anchors. Never again.

Never had an ipad, iphone or any other applecrap.

Pay their premium prices for what?

I had been buying desktops and laptops for years, from the beginning, when hardly anyone else was and got that kind of treatment.

Today they are insisting everything coming out of Taiwan be labeled Made in China?

Sorry. Not sorry.


Totally. I hope they don’t, but Apple has a long history of being the opposite of good, so I wont hold my breath. Fuck them. I mean, fuck them a decade ago, but for those late to the party or young and growing up and learning about reality it is wise to pay people that align, at least a little, with ones own ethics.

For me, Apple is the polar opposite of what I define as ethical. They are rich financially, but poor as all fuck morally.

An easy no, regardless of this latest predictable fuck the world news story.