Mage Knight in Taichung

We use Mage Knight figures for our Dungeons and Dragons games and a friend of our daughter is now getting hooked into the whole fantasy gaming stuff.

She lives in Taichung and when we visited a couple weekends ago, my daughter brought a bunch of Mage Knight and Dragons figures (Dragons is sold at Toys R Us and the Man-o-War kicks butt).

In any case, our daughter’s friend loved the Mage Knight figures. She’s visiting us for Chinese New Year and we picked up a starter pack for her but I would really like to know if there are any spots in Taichung where her father can pick up more sets and pieces for her?

Anyone in Taichung know where she can get Mage Knight?

What about D&D stuff in Taichung? My daughter also hooked her on that. Yes, we are game pushers . . . get 'em while they’re young and they become addicts for life. Muahahaha. :taz:

In old downtown by the park with the mini-lake there are a few toy and game stores down from the Mcdonalds across the street from the park where I’ve seen Mage Knight figures for sale.