Magic the gathering - Zhongli/Taoyuan area

Are there any foreigners playing MTG in Zhongli or Taoyuan at all? Would be great to check it out.

i’m in taipei but down to meet in taoyuan for some mtg/beer nights. lmk

There’s a game shop down the street from my house called Board Game Papa (桌遊奶爸). I’ll stop by and ask. In the meantime here’s their information:

My girlfriend plays, occasionally makes me play. There is a great store for Magic the Gathering right next to the train station movie theatre. It’s call “The Cat’s Paw” . They have several board games there, but their lifeblood is MTG. Most of the players speak enough English, or have the cards memorized, to get by.

Doris, the co-owner is awesome and keeps a healthy stock of English cards available.

Board Game Papa is great for Warhammer and general board gaming. They rarely get a magic crew going.

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