Maid / Housekeeper Recomendations



we’d like to offer you our housekeeping service for Taipei city and New Taipei area. We don’t employ illegal nor migrant workers so rest assured about the law and regulations. The rate is 450TWD/hour plus transports. Scheduling is flexible whether it’s weekly or biweekly. We also provide ironing and cooking.

Service duration is negotiable and living space size alone is hardly enough to get an estimate. We suggest to draw one up during our early visits to make sure of your satisfaction.

Please check out our Craigslist classifieds


Hi, I need a live-in maid urgently in the Dazhi area. Anyone has any recommendation?


Anyone have a recommended maid who can come to Songshan? Thanks in advance for your help. Me and my room mates have had a bad run with the ones the real estate agent recommended.


I’ve had some bad experiences with some cleaning services in Taipei. The usual problems are, slow cleaning and the cleaner not willing to clean if the cleaner doesn’t think everything can be cleaned within the paid time. I’m sure there are good cleaning services out there but I’ve been through 3 companies already, all have been disappointing.

If anyone can recommend a cleaning service that would be great!!!


hi everyone…im looking for a part time job…does anyone need a housekeeper/ house cleaner/ baby sitting/ kitchen helper/ diswasher etc. any of these will do…any recommendation? please let me know pm me…thank you.


Hi everyone, I’m looking for a long term house cleaner To take care of an Air-Bnb apartment in Xinbeitou. I need to have someone change bed sheets and keep the place looking nice for guests who enjoy hot spring getaways. If something like this interests you we can meet and make a deal. Contact Chris at 0975695202.


Hi everyone! I am also looking for a maid for my small apartment in Da’an area. I am looking for someone to come over maybe once a week for 3 or 4 hours mainly for cleaning the house and ironing. Does anyone have any recommendation? Please feel free to pm me anytime.


I’m asking for a relative. Does anybody know of an agency that can help me find a live-in maid? Please let me know if you have any recommendations.



Get one from Vietnam or the Philippines. It’s a bit of upfront costs(transpiration, perhaps some small ceremony, maybe some money for her parents?), but cheaper per hour than one of those agencies and he gets to have sex with her


Thanks for the idea morran01.