Mail in the Time of Corona (EMS/DHL/UPS/FedEx)

Hey Forumosans,

Gotta courier some documents to Canada and am thinking faster is better.
What is your experience using the big 4 (EMS/DHL/UPS/FedEx)?
Is one much faster?
Did I forget one?
Does Chunghwa Post offer each of the services listed above?
Maybe one is not available in Taiwan?
And, most importantly, how has Covid specifically affected their service beyond making it slower?

I’m hoping for personal and recent (i.e., Covid-era) experiences rather than speculation.


I suggest you check the relevant websites and read their updates on C19.

I recently sent some documents to the US using EMS and they got there in less than a week.i just went to the post office and asked for the fastest shipping method.

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I posted elsewhere about my calls to DHL and FedEx yesterday about sending a document to Manila and I was surprised that FedEx was still doing overnight delivery - meanwhile DHL could only guarantee delivery by the weekend (ie., Monday)

Sending to the Philippines isn’t going to be the same as sending to Canada, and I expect Canada shipments to be more often and faster. So, both services could be equally fast. When you call each one, let us know what you find out

FedEx 0800-075-075
DHL 0800-769-888

You can ship documents/package to Canada by EMS or regular mail from Post Office
I suggest you can check this thread

FEDEX/UPS will be fastest (2-3 business days for Inter Priority/Express), DHL a close 2nd, and EMS (express service) right behind. We ship daily (not documents) to North America, EU and all COVID related delays are pretty much done for UPS/FEDEX/DHL since early June.

For our last shipment to Canada: July 13 (5pm pickup via FEDEX international priority) from Taiwan to BRAMPTON, ONTARIO. It was delivered on July 15 at 3pm (Ontario time) to our customer’s office.

EMS to Canada I would speculate to be 99.9% no issues for the express service and certainly the cheapest option.

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I’ve found DHL to be the fastest and most reliable to Europe.

I sent a letter to west coast usa with dhl, 900nt and 3 business days is the quoted time , lets see…

Reviving this thread.
I need to send some tax documents to the USA from here in Taipei.
I need it there asap.
Has anyone sent express mail to the USA recently?
UPS, DHL, or FedEx?
I’m not sure which carrier has more flights going outbound to the States. The normal Taiwan Post Office said they have limited flights and it would be delayed.

Last November I sent some product from Taipei to Houston and took 3 days delivery by DHL express
So I think If you ship by UPS , DHL and FedEx then you shouldn’t have any delays , however keep in mind that there is an “emergency situation” fees due to the covid-19

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Thanks. DHL was the only company to guarantee a delivery date so I went with them.

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I used FedEx to ship from the US to Taipei a few times and nothing got lost. If I ship Friday, it gets delivered to my residential address the following Wednesday. Though their estimate was Monday.