Mail-order Bride Services in Taiwan discussion (no advertising)

Edit: For discussion only.

Mail order brides or whatever you call it there are services in Taiwan they will help you find a foreign wife. Saw an advertisement for a Vietnamese wife but there are also services to help find others like Ukrainian which is one of the more popular ones for lots of men seeking brides around the globe.


Who is this post for…?


We now know where @tango42 will be in the middle of next month.

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Just make sure to pre-screen for heavy drinkers.


Normally I’d think this stuff was silly, but with the birthrate and all…

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In 2008 over 100,000 Vietnam brides in Taiwan.

Now 2022 wonder how many Vietnamese brides.

Look around Vietnam shops, KTVs, everywhere

Vietnamese eventually going to be the largest immigrant population in Taiwan.

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If its the low birthrate that is the issue, then the mail order brides should be sourced from the Philippines - loyal strict Catholics, follow the church doctrine that the only Birth Control acceptable is Coitus Interruptus !!!


Mail order brides work out well for many

Yes seems every Filipina I’ve come across online or in real life have at least one child and are unmarried


Cough, Cough !!! what did you just say?

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When the choice is hand to mouth for you and your whole family and there is a man who needs you to play a role as long as he cares well for you and yours it’s not all bad

Love is overrated reality is the bigger bitch


Mouth over hand any day of the week




WCIF sour cream or a Vietnamese bride?


Do not post specific services that can be seen as advertisements!

According to Chapter 9 Article 58 of the Immigration Act, “No person shall disseminate, broadcast or publish advertisements of transnational marriage agencies through advertising, publication, broadcast, television, electronic signaling, internet or other means that can make the advertisements publicly known.” A violation of this law can result in a fine of between NT$100,000 and NT$500,000

These things still exist in the age of Tinder?

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I always thought mail-order brides were a made-up thing for American sitcoms.

I remember on Malcolm in the Middle somebody ordered one and got a cardboard cutout.

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It’s interesting if you go to Vietnam and ask locals about Taiwanese and exploitation of mail order brides. Suffice to say they don’t have a high opinion of the practice.

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Do you get the 7 day return protection for buying online?

Ordered this

and got this

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What about mail order laowai for single, wealthy tai tai?


Tinder. Crank the age limit up.

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