Is it a federal offense to open other people’s mail in Taiwan like it is in North America?
What kind of legal action can be taken if someone is opening your mail? I get lots of mail delivered to my school from home because i’ll always be here to sign for it, unlike at my apt. However, the past few packages I’ve gotten have been opened by either students left unattended in my classroom or staff. Cards have been taken out and things have been missing.

Just wondering what i can do?

A couple of times since I’ve been here, I’ve rented a post office box. I don’t have one now, but that’s just because I keep putting it off. I don’t know where you’re located, and I don’t know if they’re available everywhere, but some post offices offer them. For example, I got one in Toufen (Miaoli County) a few years back, and Toufen’s kind of a small town.

Hope this helps.

Forget about it. It would just amount to you banging your head against a wall. Why not have your mail sent to your residential address?

Talk to whomever it is who receives the mail at your workplace, and tell them not to simply put it in the classroom, but in a safe place until you can get it.

On the rare occasions that stuff has been sent to my school rather than directly to me, they have always “accidentally” opened it, claiming not to have noticed the name on it until it was too late.

Accidental, my ass.

Still, I can see their reasoning - if there’s a kilogram of crack cocaine in the box they probably want to know about it before the crime squad come a’knockin.

Secretaries have a habit of being in “automatic” mode where they just don’t pay attention to what they are doing. A package comes in…they open it…because that’s what they are supposed to do. My secretaries do a great job, but every once in a while they start working like zombies. Send packages to your school at your own risk!