Mailing freeze-dried hiking meals

I (perhaps not the greatest idea in retrospect) ordered some freeze-dried hiking meals from the US, completely forgetting about the import restrictions on meat. Sure enough it’s stuck in customs and I’m being told by FedEx I either need to provide a quarantine certificate or give customs permission to destroy the package.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Are small amounts of freeze-dried meat (similar to what you’d find in instant noodles) really completely banned? Is it possible to get this through customs somehow or should I just let them destroy it and call it a lesson learned? I see the same products occasionally being sold here.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Yes, you can provide a quarantine certificate to customs.

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What does this involve? Have you done this before?

I usually just give up at this stage. If I understand correctly, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them to apply for a certificate at the local quarantine authority.

That’s what I was afraid of. Ok, good to know for next time. Thanks.

Food import is always iffy.

Guys who do it have import permit and all that. As an individual it’s really hard to do and the rules are different depending on the country you’re in. Hint: Australia is really strict and there are big fines for this.

Even when a meat company has a certificate it doesn’t mean that when the meat is used in other products it can just be imported.