Mainland China Work Permit Application (medical check)

Hi All,

Has anyone applied for Mainland China’s work permit while staying in Taiwan?

One of the requirement of work permit application is medical health check report, but I can’t find any details about the hospital which can provide it, especially for China.

Any other details/info is highly appreciated.

I went to HK to apply for mine.

Can’t be done in Taiwan as far as I know.

I didn’t need a medical report for the visa.

The medical report was for the resident permit after I had already arrived in China, so I did it there.

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You must be Taiwan national??

Even Taiwanese need to apply for the mainland travel permit abroad, but there are companies that can help them do it without leaving Taiwan. Foreigners cannot do it in Taiwan

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I applied many years ago, got the medical report in the Adventist, as far as I remember you just download the form which details what tests are required, Doc fills it in, signs and stamps it. Remember it was a PITA as it required the X-Ray film which was pretty big and awkward to haul around and no one in China ever asked for it. At that time I needed to go to HK to apply for a visa which was then transferred to a resident visa along with the work permit in China. Things may well be different now, the company sponsoring you in China should be able to help you with the latest rules. Oh and for the police interview it’s best to say you’re an Atheist otherwise there’ll be endless questions and rule reading.


For a foreign national you need a work visa. For most scenarios you can get it in Hong Kong. There are cases - happened to me - where they ask you to go to your home country to get it.

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What did you end up doing? I’m pretty much in the same boat now

You really have two choices, go to Hong Kong if you are able to, and hope they let you do it there, as I did. Or you go back to your home country to do it. It can’t be done in Taiwan.

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