"Mainland"? Which Mainland?

If someone says “dalu” is there a need for clarification?

I’d say No.

Same as there is most likely no need for clarification when someone says “the States”.

Yes. I’d ask them what party they vote for, and if they answer DPP I’d ask them why they don’t say “China.” Just kidding. I’d be thinking it though.

“I once met a Luke at Sun Moon Lake.”
“Was he from the States?”


I thought he was from Tatooine… :thinking:

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The mainland or…

It’s a desert planet, so…

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That’s exactly why we keep having the “where are you from” “America” “which America” arguments over and over again on this forum.

The United States of Mexico is like right next to the USA.

Sorry, what?!

My post was to try to find neutral words that wouldn’t be politically charged to neither side.

But based on what you said, if I avoid using the term 大陸 is DPP the arbiter of my words?

You said if you use the word China in your meetings it’ll cause serious trouble, and the CCP and its goons are the ones that’s going to cause you serious trouble. The CCP is censoring you with the threat of losing your job.

If you decide to not use 大陸 after someone rhetorically ask you “which continent”, it’s logic that’s arbitrating your words.

All I said is that it could “turn things unnecessary political” and that I was trying to “avoid hurting feelings”
I didn’t say I’d had serious trouble nor that my job was at risk. I think you assumed that by misinterpreting my words.

and what happens when things turn unnecessary political?

Like China banning all Marvel movies kind of political?

I meant like changing to task on hand to a political discussion instead of the initial purpose of the conference call.

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I am not aware of these arguments on this forum.

I think there is an understanding that saying “I am from America” as is “I am from the States” generally means “I am from the USA”. If someone said “I am from North America” people most certainly would ask for clarification, “The US, Canada, Mexico?”

In the same vein, there is an understanding in Taiwan that saying “dalu” refers to China. No need for clarification.

In most circumstances, I feel, people using “dalu” in Taiwan are not afraid of repercussions by CCP goons.


The American movie industry, Taiwanese pineapple and fish farmers suffer much worst without ever defying the will of the CCP.

I understand why if you have to do business with China it’s wise try to stay on their good side, but their good side is fickle at best.

A lot of those discussions were temped. So I’m not sure if I can find them. Although, that discussion definitely flared up more than once over the years.

I can still find one

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I know that.
I’m not trying to please them, rather looking for a neutral way to express what I need without deviating the discussion. And’s that valid for both sides of the strait.
But saying that CCP is the arbiter of my words is simply not fair.


Unfortunately no such thing exists because the most neutral way would be referring to the official name of each other. When one side refuses to accept being referred by their official name, then they are just ready to punish you whenever they feel like it.

But no one will ever ask him “which continent”. Everyone knows what is implied and won’t give it a second thought.

I’m starting to realize that.
It’s hard to remain neutral when both sides demand you to take a position otherwise you get accused of being ruled by the other side. :roll_eyes:


Just remember, one side asks you to refer to China as China, the otherside requires you to refer to China as Continent, and only one side will financially punish you for not following their demands.