"Mainland"? Which Mainland?

Companies and governments should all have directives and official ways to deal with decisions like that. Should not be up to individuals to decide on a whim. I always use “mainland China” at work cause that’s been the official approach as long as I can remember. Unless I am told by people in charge to change course I will continue to use it.


Again, I’m not being threatened with financial punishment (or any other kind of punishment for that matter).
So far, the only accusation I received came from you, my dear @hansioux :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t recall accusing you of anything. I’ve accused the CCP and the KMT for trying to censoring everyone.

Since you know it won’t cause you any financial problems, you could find out what would happen if you refer to China as China in your meetings when you’ve got the time to spare. Consider it a social experiment for those who might receive financial punishment from the CCP.

Perhaps I misunderstood your words, but it sounded like you were accusing @Charlie_Jack and me of letting CCP be the arbiter what we said.

I already did that unintentionally and all I got were some weird looks.
Maybe next time I’m bored I’ll do it again :upside_down_face:

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Yeah, that’s me, big CCP and KMT lackey. And on top of all that, I’m apparently delusional.

You are the one who first used the word arbiter to refer to me, I simply borrowed your language. All I said is the CCP and KMT are censoring the word usage regarding China, and force everyone to use the term 大陸 which absolutely doesn’t mean mainland. If you want to take that as me calling you a lacky, so be it.

How about say people identify their identity as being connected with the ROC?

All of these things are contextual. Taiwan’s history and political identity is complex and changing and nobody should have control over the usage of words, just to push a particular agenda.

Also does it really fucking matter? Taiwan political sovereignity is more dependent on geopolitics, the economy and military affairs.

One thing I like about Taiwan is that people dont get in fits about words, like they do across the strait.


Does that mean we should just use whatever term China dictates us to use to maintain that prestigious nonchalant pushover image?

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No. The term China dictates is ‘Taiwan Province’.

I just dont think that there is that much need to police speech, it evolves naturally.

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Not true. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to people who are not immediately visible as Taiwanese, but you may not refer to China as China because the CCP considers that implies you consider Taiwan as a separate entity. You cannot say you are from Taipei or any city either. You would have to add China in front of the city name. Same rule doesn’t apply to actual Chinese. So someone from Shanghai can just say I’m from Shanghai, but someone from Taipei would have to say I’m from China Taipei.

Here is Lin Yi-chen attending a Korean award show, and she says I’m from Taiwan in English, and it is translated as I’m from China Taiwan.


That’s Aboriginal singer Ye Wei-ting. At the time she can’t even say China Taiwan, she was forced to say China Taipei. Since she also wanted to say she is from Pingdong, she had to awkwardly say she is from China Taipei’s Pingdong region.


Yes, where is the conflict with what I said? Da Lu wouldnt be ok, you would be made to say 台灣省

Everyone knows this stuff. I’ve been on loads of business trips with deep green people and they all go out of their way to PC their speech when in China.

There’s an association in my home country that expresses my country of residence as “Taiwan, Province of China,” even though I’ve always given it to them as “Taiwan, ROC.”

I forget whether it was in Zhubei, Zhunan, or Toufen, but anyway, in 2003 or 2004, I was asking a Taiwanese for information about something–I don’t remember, maybe Internet service?–and they said that I was going to need assistance from “a Chinese.”

Da Lu is ok if not preferred in China. 台灣省 is not ok, at least not on TV. It’s required to be 中國台北 on Chinese TV now.

I disagree, 台灣省 is still used.

I also disagree, I have heard Chinese get annoyed about Da Lu

Here, time stamped for you


That phrase certainly has a presence on the Internet:

site:gov.cn “台湾省”

site:cn “台湾省”

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Propaganda has obviously seriously messed up the heads of many Chinese from the other side.

I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with a person from Taiwan saying “I am from Taiwan” though. In their minds it should be the same as saying “I am from Sichuan.” They wouldn’t respond by saying, “You should say you are from Chengdu”, right?


I chalk it up to cognitive dissonance. They know Taiwan is independent, but they must maintain the great lie at all costs.


Here’s MFA’s current spokes person Zhao Lijian referring to China as Dalu.

“2022年2月8日外交部发言人赵立坚主持例行记者会_中华人民共和国外交部” 2022年2月8日外交部发言人赵立坚主持例行记者会_中华人民共和国外交部


There are plenty of instances where the CCP insisted Taiwan to refer to China as Dalu, so I’d take the Chinese government’s actions on this as their official position on the usage of that word.

台灣省 is used all the time, just do a baidu search for Taiwan.

It’s ok for Chinese themselves to use it, but on state TV, which is every TV station, all Taiwanese people have to refer to themselves as from China Taipei.