Maintenance costs

Brake fluid isn’t causing any noise. You’re going to have to stick your head down there and figure out where the noise is coming from before anyone can help you. First of all, do you have drum or disc brakes? Then you’re going to have to describe the sound, and say at which point it usually happens.

If disc, the pads may be just lightly rubbing the rotor. That’s normal with all disc brakes.

If the sound is only when you apply light pressure, it may be because your rotor/disc is slightly out of round. This is also normal, and doesn’t require anything, if you can live with it.

Your rotor may be shot and in need of replacement.

Be more specific and someone might be able to suggest something. You might be best off finding someone to help you explain your problem to a scooter shop guy.[/quote]

it’s disc brake, noise happens when I am braking, has to be 40km/h or faster and light pressure at the brake, or hard pressure also

hey guys i`m new here and want to add my knowledge here:)

I am a student from Poland studying at NCKU in Tainan. few weeks ago i bought a scooter and since then ive been collecting tools which will allow me to repair and maintain it by myself. i dont like taking my bike to mechanics around here, they know not much about repairs and they charge much, especially foreginers :loco: . Thanks to my taiwanese friend I met one mechanic here in Tainan - nice guy, good prices and quite good service but still…the prices are too high. thats why i started using internet auctions to find parts for my bike - prices are much lower than in scooter shops(for example i had to change my front brake caliper - in the first shop they told me 4000NT,in second - 2400NT, in the third - the nice guy - told me 1500NT - difference right? when i looked through the auctions i found it for 600NT - same one, new, in a box!!)if u dont know how to change parts by yourself, just buy it and bring it with u to the scootershop. for expample when i bought oil i just brought it to a scooter shop and asked for changing - they charged me 50NT.

the auctions are here:

if u know chinese u wont have any problems. i dont know chinese yet so i use the english-chinese dictionary - for example carburetor:

u can use it both ways by using copy/paste function.

i hope this helps - if u dont wanna buy things on auctions its still usefull just to know what are the market prices of parts and accesories.