Make Mahjong Great Again!

I like playing Mahjong and I’m surprised it’s not more prevalent here. The news story kind of explains some of the history of its limitations in taiwan.

Living in Singapore before Taiwan could hear tiles clicking all over the place.

This seems more sports related than politics related so.

The current membership of the Mahjong the Greatest party – which was founded last month – is 120 people, but he is “optimistic” that he can get 10,000 registered party members by the end of this year.


It’s always been big here, but people have developed a habit of being discreet about it.


I love playing mahjong (hence my site nickname 自摸). I plan to retire in five years and spend a lot of time playing mahjong and going geocaching. However, I think a political party centered around it is kind of silly.

Besides, you don’t need to hide, as the article mentions, if you’re playing with a max of two tables. You can have more than that if you’re not gambling, like at this mahjong place near my house (although the last time I went they were allowing e-cigarettes so that was it for me, yuk).

The prejudice against mahjong is real, though. A local board game shop has tables you can rent by the hour if you want to play games with your friends. When I asked about renting one to teach my friends the game, they wouldn’t let me do it, even though I assured them there wouldn’t be any gambling. It was like the owner couldn’t even imagine the game being played for fun only.


You have to be very careful here. My landlady runs a daily game but sooner or later the cops will bust it I reckon. What’s worse is if the cops see money on the table they just pocket it and leave.