Make $NT5,000 advising the government on economic policy

A week or so ago I posted an article from the EPA about how you could make NT$300 from spotting squids. Some of you here may have been uninterested in that job, so here’s another opportunity to make even more. Yes, the government is bankrupt when it comes to ideas about how to improve the economy, and is offering NT$5,000 for your citizen suggestions as a cash prize. If you want to win this princely sum, go to this website - - between 2008/09/12~2008/12/12 and provide your ideas in no more than a 1000 words and you could be a winner. This is how the economists and experts will judge the winning entrees:

  1. Creativity(30%)
  2. Feasibility(50%)
  3. Expected Benefit(20%)

We will choose the best 3 suggestions and award each winner a NT$5,000 coupon. 20 runners-up will each receive a NT$1,000 coupon.

Please ensure that you enclose your real name, contact number, and address.[/b]

  • I thank my darling g/f for translating this from the website listed above.

1,000 words? I can do it in 5 – A GATSO on every corner. Ka-CHING!


Remember ‘Fancy Taiwan’? Dumb*ss essay competitions: my stock in trade since 1981.

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Yes. Yeeees. That told 'em. Well done, we’re just like Amsterdam now, aren’t we?

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You’re not? Thank Christ for that. I’m not sure I could handle the intellectual stimulation.

I am quite sure you can’t handle it.

I was just about to write, “Guys, go easy on the newbie!” then I clicked on 420er’s profile and had a look at his previous posts. :laughing:

I’m also quite sure I can’t handle it. You’re WAY too clever for me.

good for you, the man knows his flaws, but then I am just a little smarter than average.

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Getting back on topic, if it’s creative and feasible but not actually beneficial it’s worth more than something which is beneficial but not creative.

How about, ahem, weeding out the idiots?

…weeding out the idiots?[/quote]

Legalise it…

Wonder what the coupon’s for? Mr Donut?

tsk tsk tsk sober people sigh

Looks like the suggestions are pouring in. Here’s one that stands a good chance of winning: Get the poorest segment of society, the OFWs, to foot the bill by raising their taxes. Yes, according to a new law that will be brought in next January, OFWs who stay and work in Taiwan for at least 183 days will be forced to pay 20% income tax.(Previously, the 20% non-refundable income tax was only for those who stayed less than 183 days in Taiwan.) Go here for the story: … e-tax-rule

Keep those suggestion rolling in folks . . . this government desperately needs YOUR help.

no way that bill stays, how about raise the the tax 50 percent on (OAW)