Making a movie -urgently need to borrow a nice big "boss" office for a few hours!

I am shooting a short film, Episodes IV and V of an international series for the Lady X film project (, during the month of May.

Now what we need is a big office. See the latest post.

I should add that I don’t need people with acting experience necessarily. Just people who look the part and might be able to act the parts under direction. Thanks.

What about the taxi driver?

If it’s someone you know, and not just some random taxi driver, then I’d say ok.

Are there any nude scenes?

God no. I was asking the owner of Malibu East about filming there, and she asked the same question.

Ok, we’ve got actors except for the old man, but I need to rent a little blue flat-bed truck, and we also need a martial arts consultant. Anyone care to share their expertise for a really cool fight scene?

No, but I have experience choreographing professional wrestling. Does that count?

“Okay, let’s have these two float in the air in slow-motion and sword-fight upside-down. I saw that in a movie once.”

We were thinking more a la “Midnight Kung-fu Theater” stuff, with necessary aid of camera movement. Of course you’d get a credit, and your school as well if you have one.

Here are some stills from the footage we’ve shot so far:

Now what we need is a big, opulent private office, preferably with wood panelling, brass highlights, the whole schtick. Does anyone have or know of someone who has such an office? We’re planning to film this Saturday at around 5 pm. Should take 2-3 hours. PM me or email me if you can help. Thanks.

You mean there’s nobody on this board who knows of a large private office we could borrow? What about all of those 500k/month guys people mentioned in other threads?

Or maybe this isn’t the best place to ask as I’ve probably offended everyone who has such an office via various postings. :?

You don’t need a “big boss office” to make 500K/month, and the description of these who make that kind of money does not indicate that they will show off with such an office.

You will probably find that kind of office among politicians and local bosses.


Ok, then, anyone know of someone who does have such an office?

What about office interior designers, furniture shops, hotel suites, office suites etc.??
Maybe some of these would be happy to receive a “Thanks to” in the credits?