Making dulce de leche?

Anyone ever successfully attempted this at home?

It looks like one of those deals where your cook fu has to be pretty flawless or it bags…

It’s actually not that hard if you use a double boiler…

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“Dulce de leche…never heard of that…let’s check on Google…”

Dulce de leche is a creamy caramel sauce that’s traditionally made by simmering a pot of milk and sugar, stirring as you go, for seven hours.

Well, I’ll give it a pass… I’ve never tried it though, would be curious to know how it tastes.

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It tastes good, but it is obviously very sweet.

Dulce de leche, you say?


It doe snot take that long. 7 hours would leave caramel sauce. The secret is fresh vainilla pods, which can be found at reasonable prices in most baking stores.

Yes, it does require patience for stirring and stirring, but boy, is it worth it. In coffee, cakes, bread, for tres leches. Magic.


OK, @Rocket I am giving you the Top Secret Recipe for the Easiest Dulce the Leche Ever:

One can of condensed milk. Do not, I repeat, do not get local stuff. Splurge for Japanese brand -80 to 160 NTD, depending on where, like City Super or Mitsukoshi. Or go to the Filipino store and any other foreign brand made anywhere else.

Get yourself a sturdy pot. Fill halway withwater. Set can in water. Boil. Keep boiling for 2 hours. Every half hour, move it so it is exposed to the heat evenly.

No stirring. Faster. Easier. Only you will know.


Look what I brought with me. Mmmmm goat milk dulce de leche

I hear those things go straight to your calves. :grin:

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“straight to your kids

It’s goat milk.


Eh no gracias. Paso.

More for me :grimacing:

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What’s wrong with local stuff?

Will not acquire the taste and consistency desired or desirable.

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Thanks Icon, it worked like a charm. Ended up putting a can in a Tatung rice cooker and after filling it with water forgot about it. Three hours later it had become this…
Stirring for 5 minutes helped to get rid of the small lumps that had formed and on a piece of home baked sourdough it tasted delicious. Brought back memories, as I first experienced dulce de leche when my father brought it back from Argentina 35 years ago. Cheers mate!


No hay por donde.

And if you guys totally give up, ask


if she can sell you some dulce de leche.