Making holes in apartment walls


Has anyone had any issues with their landlords after hanging pictures or anything else on the walls that would need to use screws/nails. My lease says not too (just 3m strips), but all my leases overseas have also said not too and I have, and just have patched them up at the end of the lease no worries. I’m wondering if it’s the same in Taiwan, where as long as you don’t go crazy, patch/spackle up the holes and paint when your moving out then you’ll be fine?


What they don’t know can’t hurt them…

This is bad advice. This is definitely something they would happily use to refuse to give back your deposit and go after you legally. Do not do this.


It would be preferable just to be honest with them and say you’re going to restore it at your expense. You breach the contract, you may face legal consequences. Don’t give others a reason to sue!

I have dynabolted a few tv swivel mounts to walls. I always patch them, never had a problem… But im a handy man. So like marco said ask first if you are unsure, this is pretty sage advice if you dont know how to repair things or deal with landlords in Taiwan.

That been said i find its good to go round with a clean cloth and scrub all the dirty marks around door frames light switches and anywhere its scuffed up. Makes a major improvement and you can hand the keys back knowing you did your best.

As they say… That will buff out.


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Every standard contract I have seen says the property must be restored to the original state upon moving out.

That means in general landlords don’t really care if you make holes in the wall, or even add additional rooms or whatever. Just that to be consistent with the contract the additional walls would be knocked out and taken out, any AC installed removed (if it did not come with the house), etc. and hand the property back in the same state as you found it.

I mean something as major as knocking down walls definitely ask, and restore that once you move out. I mean after all many commercial properties often requires significant renovation like this, and those are rented.

By the way if you are filling masonry walls get some brick mortar for the job, they work better for filling holes in brick walls, and can even fill in large holes. Wall compound is a poor material for filling large holes because they shrink when dry.

But fill the hole upon moving out and paint over it and nobody will know.

If you feel like you are handy enough to patch the holes with no trace whatsoever then do it, but if you leave any mark, be prepared to get your deposit taken