Malaysia F1 Grand Prix

I am planning to go to Sepang to see the Malaysia GP in April. Can anyone give some tips or share some experiences? For example, is it neccecary to rent a kangaroo TV? Is food expensive? Any hidden costs?
Thanks for the heads up!

the sepang circuit is set up pretty well for spectating. the only not so good place would be the stands on the outside of the circuit on your right hand side as you enter the gates. all other places have good views of much of the track.

there is also a go-kart track about half a kilometer from the track that is fun. that will likely be very packed (maybe even booked) during f1 weekend. if you want to do that, it’s best to go very early in the morning.

the airport into KL is about an hour or so by car. definitely go to check out KL when you are there. a popular hang out for westerners is bukit bintang. for a cool view of the petronas towers, check out skybar in the trader’s hotel and if you are into nightclubs, quattro is a pretty cool place with 4 different areas for each season (thus quattro). the winter area is a cool ice bar complete for ice furniture and summer area is a very fun dance floor.

malaysian food is so great and very inexpensive! the food is a blend of southeast asia, far east asia and india. with malaysia being heavily muslim, alcohol costs a bit more than even western prices. any of the rotis are great (particularly roti canai) as is the standard breakfast dish, nasi lemak. if you have a chance, ask somewhere where there is a good bak kut teh, a pork soup. when it comes to bak kut teh, the more ghetto the place looks, the better the soup!

hopefully it doesn’t get half rained out again this year. have fun!

You can buy your F1 ticket on the Malaysian GP website.

Food inside the stadium is expensive compared to the rest of KL, but that’s always the case when there is a captive market :wink: Coming from Taiwan, you’ll still find the food good value though.

In Kuala Lumpur itself, there is lots of amazing food and it is cheap. A diners paradise :slight_smile: If you want to try a few local specialities, look out for roti canai for breakfast, nasi lemak for lunch and bak kut teh for dinner. There are lots of excellent eating ideas on the Eating Asia blog.

Don’t stay at Sepang racetrack because its miles away from town. Instead, find a decent hotel or an apartment to rent if you are travelling in a group.

If you have spare time, go to Melaka for a day or two (old colonial town on the west coast with historic buildings). Or jump on a cheap flight with Air Asia to one of countless destinations.

They have moved the start time of this years Malaysian GP to earlier in the day, so hopefully they will manage to finish the race before the afternoon monsoon rain pours down!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice!