Male bashing in the media

A girl posted this as factual “news” on social media. I called her out on it because it doesn’t cite, quote, or use any sources. She says it’s an “adaptation” of a book which of course the article doesn’t even quote or cite from.

I’m tired of seeing this. Oh by the way the book is call brotopia breaking up the boys club in scillicon valley. Imagine if a man wrote wrote a book called womentopia. It’s just rubish. There’s obviously incidences of inequality or injustice but actually find that direct instance of it or I can help you. You can preach about sexual liberation and demonize men for their sexuality.

I’m seeing this more and more. Women incorrectly being told they are victims without actual incidences where I can stand behind.

Is it just me or do other men feel the same way these days?

Just glanced at the article. The party stuff is nothing new. What’s new is people finding it offensive specifically for feminist reasons. In the past, people would have written about their religious or moral objections (“sex and drinking are bad” and so on).

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Jesus, people having sex and doing drugs at parties? Shocking stuff. I suggest tying everyone up into a straitjacket after the workday concludes so that they can’t do anything which offends my sensibilities or may not be 100% in my best interests.

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What’s confusing is that feminism has usually supported sexual liberation.

One country’s liberation is another’s invasion. One woman’s liberation is another’s enslavement. :idunno:

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She removed the post after I reposted the link with our conversation of her bashing me for pointing out it’s basically a biased made up story calling me just short of a misogynistic prick.

I don’t understand how people in 2018 still don’t understand the importance of sources in anything they read.

Again, I only glanced at it, but I don’t see what the big deal is. Of course parties like that exist. When have they not? The illustration is telling.

If there are unsourced statistics, claims against specific persons, or hate speech, that’s something else. But it would hardly be hate speech to say businessmen have been known to attend sleazy parties and strip clubs, and this article looks like it’s just a variation on that theme.

I guess the article says that women are either forced to join or feel left out in a STEM field with few women in it. And it’s evidence of men’s sexuality causing women to be behind in STEM fields or whatever. The girl who posted said something’s along the lines of that Silicon Valley in the tech field is sexist towards women. As the article says in the opening lines “while the guys get laid, the women get screwed.”

But I pose the same question wouldn’t men be forced into the same situation?

Try transposing the whole thing to the athletic world. Suppose there were no (blatant) gender segregation – co-ed teams all around, but almost always with very low female membership. Would anyone’s behavior change? Would women and some men be reluctant to go along with the culture?

(I’m not accusing athletes of being horrible people btw, just trying another way of looking at the issue.)

I’m not understanding the question. In the athletic world, it’s about performance and entertainment. If there was a women that could compete at the highest level of sports with men there would be. Probably not just because they can perform and help a sports team win but it would probably draw a huge crowd seeing a women beating a male dominated sport.

There are actually no rules barring women from competing in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. I don’t know about other leagues but I suspect there are no rules that says women can’t play. I had an opportunity to play as the practice squad for my colleges women’s basketball team. Mostly because I wasn’t good enough to cut it in D1-D2 basketball. And a friend of mind told me to tryout for the practice squad for the women’s team. And they can certainly play and I was vested on many occasions without shame. And Women actually do play baseball, idk why they never show it. USA baseball has two teams, men’s and women. They only show women’s softball for some reason. And those girls can play, and actually pitch very well. I think one of the best pitchers in little league World Series was a 13 year old girl a few years back. She was having like 20 strike outs a game. Crazy stuff.

It seems that everything is divisive these days. Its best to just turn your head away from the BS

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It’s not a question of whether or not female athletes are competent. The article is a complaint about the culture in a certain industry creating an unwelcoming environment.

In your experience, does gender have any relation to alcohol consumption, hooliganism, spikes in brothel attendance during major sporting events, or anything else that people may find unpleasant?

I believe the majority of athletes and sports fans are decent people, but these are phenomena that have been observed. (The brothel part is probably more of an issue in some countries than others.)

Yes, but I suspect it’s due to less females being into sports compared to men in my experience. But the ones that do, they’re right there with the men. Personally I don’t enjoy hooliganism, major alcohol consumption or parties and tailgates. I didn’t grow up with that culture. I enjoyed playing sports, and appreciating sports not partying to it. But those women who do, they go as hard as men in my experience.

I’m still not really sure how the two correlates, I think I understand what you’re trying to get at. But the two situations to me are very different.

Are you just saying some working environments may not be as welcoming to women and therefore they have a harder time in that field? But again, this can be true. But the article is basically made up and had zero credibility besides that yes there are probably plenty of parties out there with sex and drugs where women would feel uncomfortable with, but I’m guessing some men would also feel uncomfortable with it and some women enjoy them.

Why do men get bashed for no reason these days?

No reason. No reason at all.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

You say so, but the article is the only example you showed in this thread, and I believe there are men bashing women for no reason too. Sorry, no example here, though.

If bondage floats your boat then more power to you. I’d hope that a broader range of fetishes might be on offer. Bondage Monday, Tickle Tuesday, Golden Shower Wednesday…

Feminism and puritanism have been converging for quite a while. I think a lot of women realise they were conned in the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s. Most men and most women have different sexual priorities basically for evolutionary reasons. Traditional marriage, somewhat ironically, is more feminist than anything put forward from Germaine Greer onwards when it comes to sexual politics (as in sexual intercourse).

The article is another example of one woman finger wagging other women for making a decision she disapproves of. If they want to go to a lavish party and get laid that’s their choice IMO, even if it is just a route to sell more real estate or whatever it is they actually desire. I would imagine that doing the jiggy jiggy with some computer geek isn’t what an attractive young woman is really after.


It’s not just you. Misandry is rampant in the U.S. these days. It takes a peculiar imported form here in Taiwan. I’ve learned to avoid making eye contact with Western women I encounter because some of the looks of hostility from total strangers I’ve gotten make it clear the matriarchy doesn’t approve of white males being on the loose here in Asia. If I had to guess which negative stereotype it triggers I would say it has something to do with unapproved sex orgies and victimizing defenseless Asian women.

I find this emerging prudery quite fascinating. One would assume that, whoever the women involved are, they’re not passive sexbots lying back and thinking of England: they are, surely, enjoying themselves as much as anyone else, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. Unless they’re being flown in from Moldova in aircraft cargo holds.

Top tip for young women who want to improve their career chances by shagging seedy old executives: if you think it’s wrong and degrading, don’t do it.

I’m not sure if this is “feminism” as such - I don’t think you’d ever read an article like that written by, say, a French woman. IMO it’s a peculiarly American thing. That country has always been at war with its own morals: po-faced, right-wing, gun-wielding puritans on one side, and half-naked swipe-right libertines on the other. Depending on who you’re talking to, you’ll get into radically different arguments.

And a lot of them don’t. I go off on regular rants about how ‘liberation’ has mostly involved more comfortable chains for the plebs, and fatter cigars for the men running the show. And we all know what men do with cigars.

It describes a real phenomenon, yet it’s fictional and has zero credibility? :confused:

I’ve now read the whole article and don’t see why it upset you so much, as if it were in the all men are scum, all sex is rape vein. Are you sure it’s not really the commentary from the person who posted the article on the other site that upset you?

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