"Man among men" in Taiwanese (Hokkien)

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from chinese-forums.com, more specifically this link:
chinese-forums.com/showthrea … men&page=2 :

人上人 - lin siong lin

人 can be lin or lang depending on the sentence. Lin is a classical pronunciation and lang is a common pronunciation. We refer them to 文话 and 白话. In the sentence above, 人上人, it should be lin siong lin not lang siong lang.

Another example to show my point:

床前明月光 - cong jian bieng guat gong
疑是地上霜 - gyi si dei siong song
举头望明月 - gee tio bong bieng guat
低头思故乡 - lay tio su gor hiong

PS: The han yu pin yin for 举 is not very accurate cuz I can’t find a perfect spelling for it.

So you can see above that 月 is guat not the common guey, 光 is gong not the common gng and 头 is tio not the common tao. The pronunciations are changed because this is a poem so we should use the ‘wen’ version for pronouncing.

Another person said:
人中之龍 ?
dragon among men.

And another person said: We used to say "正港的查甫人”or "正港的男子漢”.