Man appeals court sentence for 9th drunk driving arrest

Guy gets ninth DUI, is sentenced to 8 months in prison, and has the nerve to appeal for a lighter sentence.

Instead of appealing, he should be on his knees, thanking every god in the Taoist and Buddhist pantheon that he hasn’t injured or killed someone yet.


Last time he was sentenced to 7 months in prison, this time the judges added one whole month to his sentence to give a strong message that they are getting tough on DUI. :exploding_head:


If he’s managed to knock up 9 DUIs he’s driving drunk every day.

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9 times. Wow. Around places where I have lived the cops set up the alcohol checkpoints in the same place pretty consistently. If you live around there and are drinking you can just avoid that area.

Oh yeah I know some posters on this site that love these lax laws. It makes Taiwan 很熱鬧 :rofl:

If you don’t like it you can move to Singapore :crazy_face:


He should be banned from driving for life. At the very least.


Do they not take away your license after a few times?

Should put faces of people with DUIs all over the city to shame them. Taiwanese people care about face, so shaming them might be more useful than fines and jail time.


In the US they would. They’d also put you in a substance abuse recovery program. Do they even have rehab here?

They do. Some hospitals and clinics have them. And they accept NHI. Addiction treatment is a “face” thing, though, and feared. This tends to make addicts and alcoholics refuse treatment and rather continue with the malaise, uncertainty and recklessness of their condition, which inevitably leads to disaster for the addict and for their loved ones.


Yeah, but it would be such an inconvenience to him and his family. The whole neighborhood would know and then he’d be forced to do his drinking elsewhere.

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They still continue to drive.

You need a drink at 3am. You drive to the nearest supplier.

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here is taiwan. this is the way it is here.
If you don’t like it you can move to Singapore.

on behalf of @the_bear


Especially in the US.

The externalities of this aren’t as high in Taiwan as in the US, where if you’ve lost your license you obviously cannot purchase the liability insurance that would cover the medical costs of anyone injured as a result (assuming they survive, of course). That’s why in the US a guy with 8 DUI’s is likely to be a prison inmate rather than a guy working on his 9th.

So you don’t think someone with 9 DUIs should be banned from driving for life?

I took it as tando being sarcastic, that’s why he referred to the_bear. It’s hard to tell in text sometimes; we really need sarcasm punctuation.


Ah, my bad then

When in doubt, use the :smirk:

Some are dead because of them as well :frowning:

no such thing as sarcasm, in my book.Ironieteken.svg

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