Man I need a gf

Problem being a virgin goin into a serious relationship is you start making more of that than you should

You start thinking it’s fate and you are meant to be and all that when it probably isnt When fate turns to hate

Primo amore = love hurts

But it’s ok it’s all growing pains

Love can be such sweet sorrow. As long as it doesn’t kill you

yeah come on dude


Is sex during a ghost marriage cheating?

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Only during ghost month


I like capital letters at the beginning of sentences. And sentences. And punctuation.

It’s true Pretty girls like punctuation

because it’s believed that tall men have big…



intergluteal cleft

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You certainly like incomplete sentences that start with “And”.

Or French.

what a crazy story in jail

Hey, get a talkative outgoing wingman. Even if he’s old or fat or stupid or whatever, talking out-going guys can always break the ice and open the door.

Girls drop their guard because they know obviously nothing is going to happen with him but then it kind of opens the door for an introduction.

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If someone Needs a gf/bf, that might be a problem. Healthiest situation is to be content with yourself, with or without a significant other. If you need someone to make you complete, then you’re fucked. Music and movies make it seem romantic to not be able to live without someone that you are so deeply in love with. But this is bullshit. Reminds me of a family friend, always in shitty relationships filled with drama and always being disrespected. But as soon as he breaks up, he finds another girl immediately. He can’t handle being alone, that’s not healthy. Don’t end up like that guy!



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Contentment with life is the key to meaningful living!


Ok but what about the sex aspect? A young man needs to get some once in a while surely. I am one of the older ones on the board but for a young guy not getting laid or even just no human touch can be very frustrating and depressing. Humans are like chimps we need to have affectionate physical contact.

Not necessarily disagree. But why so negative? Some people like to depend on others. I don’t like to do everything in life on my own nor am I good at it. Why not have someone complement me? I have no problem against that. It’s not an”problem” but a perspective of giving oneself.

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It’s just something single people say to make themselves feel better about being lonely.