Man Mano Cheesemaker


Man Mano 慢慢弄 is Taiwan’s first Italian cheesemaker. The Taiwanese owner learned her craft first in Japan, and then in Italy. Her cheese is used by fine restaurants such as STAY, Savor, Biteology, Gen Creative, Tutto Bello, Bencotto, Taïrroir etc.

We had a most satisfying lunch yesterday. Freshly made ricotta, burrata, mozzarella, (aged) caciocavallo cheese incorporated into various antipasti using just EVOO, salt and pepper (cooked by a young professional chef), but oh, what wonderful flavours and texture!! You can watch cheese being made on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Closed on Wednesday and Sunday. English/Chinese menu available.



Awesome! I’ll be over soon.


I really like their burrata, mozzarella and caciocavallo. Even the beer is very good! If you’re thinking of buying some of the cheese, please bring along a cooler bag with some ice packs.


Finally made it over here.

Interesting, not disappointed, but not really amazing or anything. I liked the milky one the best and the one under it which looks smoked but was actually flavored with soy sauce


How does it compared to gustos cheese?


Couldn’t tell you. They make it themselves over there?


They import them, but it’s some time since I’ve been there.


This place makes everything in house, not every day. Tucked over by Dihua Street


I notice their price to be very reasonable for cheese in Taiwan.


I’m heading there now


Is quite good actually! We ate there and their parmigiana was really good, their burrata as well…
I bought some mozzarella to go to top my pizza later.


Their mozzarella melts really really well on pizza, and isn’t watery at all so it doesn’t make the pizza soggy.


I like this technique!


Takes 5 minutes, 2 minutes on the pan at the hottest and 3 minutes on the top of the oven rack also at the highest heat


Figured about as much! Will definitely be trying that.