Mandarin Class: 15 hour intensive with ironlady

Comprehended Taipei 2019 (January 14-18)
A 15-hour Mandarin Intensive taught using Comprehensible Input and Cold Character Reading techniques.
I will be doing a 15-hour Chinese class (9-12 am) for those with (essentially) no Chinese ability over five days as part of a teacher residence for teachers of all languages who use or want to use Comprehensible Input in their practice. Teachers at the residence have the option to observe this class.

Chinese class portion only (as a learner) is NT$3000, with NT$2000 refunded if you attend all five sessions.
PM ironlady for more information. Class is currently planned for Shihlin, near the MRT.


Did I get it right?

So it means it’ll be NTD1000 if one attends all five sessions?

Would this class be suitable for those with good speaking skills, but no reading/writing ability?

Yep. It’s just hard sometimes to get people to commit to things. Money seems to help with that. Since there will also be language teachers observing, we do need to have students come to all the classes so they have something to see.

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Sorry, probably not really. The main thrust of the 15 hour session will be on speaking and listening, from zero or nearly zero, though we will read a 400-character long book that has 29 unique characters in it. But that’s the first day, most likely, or early on day 2. If we really do balanced literacy for all the language in the class, that takes as much time again as the speaking/listening part, and I’d like the students to take some useful language away with them rather than that.

It also gives more freedom for the class to follow student interests. It takes a lot of time to prepare good readings for this method.

No worries. What your doing sounds great.

If you ever decide to do anything for a more intermediate level, I’d love to come.

If only Taichung .

If you can get some folks together, that could be arranged at some time. I don’t know about the NT$1000 pricing though. I’d have to rent a room or something. LOL

Nice idea!
I do have some speaking skills, but need to improve reading and writing.
If such class is arranged, I’d be quite interested!

+1 to this


Forumosa, land of the intermediate Chinese speakers. :sunglasses:


I would totally help to arrange and promote a class in Taichung IronLady.

I’m confused (not unusual). Who is the target market for this 5-day, 3-hr/day course, teachers or students?

I mean, who will be paying NT$ to learn, the attending teachers or students who are brand new to Mandarin?

Is it possible to do it over the weekend? That time won’t work for people who work at an office…

This is primarily a teacher training event (I teach Mandarin with Comprehended Input and train teachers in the method worldwide), but we need students who are genuinely learning Mandarin so that there can be a demo class in the morning which the teacher attendees debrief, discuss, and learn skills from in the afternoon training sessions. So the event is financially supported by the teachers, not by the Mandarin students. The main reason for charging money for the Mandarin class is because people just don’t show up if it’s free. Tried that before and got a great response beforehand and very few students the day of.

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Weekends probably wouldn’t work – many of the teacher attendees would be coming in from overseas for the week to attend. Maybe I can organize something like this for weekend hours some other trip to Taiwan “just for fun”. :grinning:

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The return the 3k not just 2k :smiley:

I will probably join this if there’s any course after office time or over the weekend.

Well crap. I was willing to buy the dream :heart_eyes: that in 15 hours I could actually learn some Chinese, but it sounds like it’s all tailored around learning by teachers not learning by actual students of Mandarin.

And all for the low, low (net) price of NT$1k. :disappointed:

From what I read, you would actually learn some Chinese from @ironlady.