Mandarin Learning Material for Children

I posted this in the Learning Chinese section, but wanted to take another stab at it in this one. Thanks for any possible leads.

My child attends a Montessori Kindergarten/Elementary School when he’s in the States, and I want to mail the school some workbooks for studying Mandarin. Does anyone have any idea where to get some good material like this in Taipei? I’m hoping to buy about 20 workbooks and/or soft-back textbooks (not too expensive) to send to the school as a gift. Perhaps the book could have simple introductory vocabulary and writing. Any ideas would be great. Thank you.


I recently saw a nice set at the Eslite Children’s bookstore in the Eslite Hsin-Yi store. It was aimed at non-native speakers of Mandarin and was a complete series. When you walk in the store, their language section is just around the first corner on your left, and those books were about the second shelf from the bottom. The ones I liked had white covers. Sorry, I don’t have a title. These are books teaching traditional characters. The store has some other titles, and for gifts for a school, I think the books “The mouse bride” and “The story of the twelve zodiac animals” are great. They are bilingual and the illustrations are wonderful. If you ask for them at the counter the staff will show you where they are.

If you want simplified characters, I can recommend an online store in Singapore,, run by a friend of mine. She has some really nice Chinese teaching materials but they are all simplified characters.

Asiababy, thanks a lot for the tip. I’ll definitely take a look over there. Much appreciated!

Can I also promote my friend’s project It’s a music program designed for non-native speakers of Mandarin, that introduces some language in context. You can listen to samples on their site.