Mandarin Summer Camps in Taipei


I’m sending my kids to camp in Taipei this summer to learn Chinese (ages 8 and 10). I am looking at NTNU’s Mandarin Training Center, but also Wenhua (Chinese Cultural University’s) program which looks very similar–but I have found fewer parent reviews, etc… I was wondering if anyone has experiences with either of those programs. I need to make a decision soon. My kids have had Mandarin tutoring for years, and they were also in TW last summer but because we don’t speak it at home much they are not very fluent. I want them to learn, but I also want an emphasis on fun, even if that means they learn less!

Thanks in advance!

I would join some regular sports camps if they can already understand some and the most important thing is fun.


Or see if any of the fake international schools have summer camps that accept students from outside their school.

Those are usually conducted by Taiwanese teachers and the room will be filled with Chinese-speaking children, so your kids won’t either be drilling stupid sentence patterns and acquiring very little language at a “CSL” camp with a bunch of other foreigners, nor will they be pressured to suddenly be able to speak fluent Chinese like at any program aimed at local Taiwanese children. (Obviously stay away from any “English language” programs, as those will be strictly and possible cruelly enforced as English-only. Or your children will start-uh to talk-uh like-uh their-ah teach-uhs in In-gaLEE-suh)

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Google “university of taipei summer camp”

All kinds of websites to search and find a language camp.
Personally, agree with @BigDave . Go with sports camp with local kids. Your children’s conversational Chinese will definitely improve.

Summers ago, my child took sports classes at, up in Tienmu. Fun and games the whole day with lunch included, taught by college PE students. All in Chinese.