Mango Season in Yujing, Tainan

Yujing is known for it’s mangoes and it is currently the mango season. There is an enormous mango wholesale/retail market on the weekends which sells a huge variety of mangoes. You usually have to buy an entire basket to get a good deal but there are some vendors that sell smaller quantities. Lots of dried fruit products are also available.

Of course, there are also shops selling the famous mango dessert - mango ice (shaved ice or shaved frozen mango juice mango with fresh mango, pickled guava and mango ice cream). There are also mango smoothies, mango popsicles, mango cookies and cakes and I’ve even had a mango Taiwan sausage. Dessert shops are located in the market and a short walk away in the old part of town. The places in the old part of town are more famous so the lines are longer.

Yujing is easy to get to by car. It’s a straight shot east on highway 84 from National Freeway 3. There is also a popular mango ice location on highway 84 going into town named 愛文鄉冰島 (they also have a location in town). They have parking and serve vegetarian food. Very busy on the weekends though.

I passed through earlier this year, will keep it in mind if I am nearby.

There is no mango in the world like those mangos ! I miss them incredibly.