Manhandled to her wedding

Where did I say that I had a problem with people eating their dogs?
I don’t and coming back to my original reply, I wouldn’t have a problem if your family ate you if they were so poor and starving to death.
I just said we shouldn’t and with the above, I scratched a little the surface why. Anyway if you are a vegetarian, I found it completely ok if your family ate you.
Don’t invite me though.

Hahaha I dunno if this shot was directed towards me, or directed at gays who would pay to rape some ass.
And here I thought I was the only one who didn’t think too highly of the gays…[/quote]

Finally when it comes to you, you understand the concept of rape.
Gay people buy sex.
Lesbians buy sex.
Straight people buy sex.

I had to use the gays to get my point across, since I can’t think of any other way selling your ass.
I don’t think there is a market for it in the female hetero community/.

By the way rabbit is a very efficient source of protein.
They reproduce quickly.
You can feed them the vegetables we don’t eat or cut away.
They are vegetarian animals.
They are clean and always shit into a dedicated corner.
With a barn full of rabbits you can supply your family with one meaty meal per week.[/quote]

Oh I dunno. When you say, “however dogs are carnivorous animals/ mammals and I think we should not eat them.” That kind is means you have a problem with people eating dogs or any carnivorous mammals. Or maybe I was the only one who completely read that wrong. Why would a vegetarian eat a person? Are humans not considered “meat” as well? And are humans not “carnivorous mammals” as well? You are making absolutely no sense now, sir. First you say you dont think we should eat carnivorous animals/mammals but then you say you would have no problems if a vegetarian ate a human being. Interesting :ponder:

Sure, I understand. You “HAD” to use the gays to get your point across. I’m sure they appreciated that.
So let me get this straight. You’re promoting sexual assault now? Maybe I’m misreading what you mean when you say “selling my anus to some wealthy gays”.
You almost paint a picture of gays with money salivating at the idea of ass raping me.
Haha even I wouldn’t have gone as far as promoting sexual assault…
Maybe you should re-read what you write next time before clicking Submit. :thumbsup:

Yes, I’m sure bunny/rabbit owners would agree with you as well.
No one is denying the fact that rabbits are probably a good source of protein.
But thats not the point. We don’t eat dogs, not because they aren’t bad to eat or they offer no nutrients/protein.
We don’t eat them because we have them as pets and we regard them as “man’s best friend”. Or maybe I’m off on that too?
Whos to say someone else who owns a bunny rabbit doesn’t feel the same way towards her bunny the way you do towards dogs?

[quote=“Gao Bohan”][quote=“Leftywang81”]Hmmm so you’re making light of cannibalism now? :ponder:
Thats some cold shit.[/quote]

That’s rich, coming from the guy who just made light of rape. If someone is forced to marry against their will, it’s rape. And you spent a paragraph justifying that. You moved quickly from producing thought-provoking posts to just plain creepy. Time for you to go on my ignore list.[/quote]

Haha ignore list?
What are you–12?
Time to block you…

Yes, forcing a little girl like that to marry into a rich family for the sake of her own family is a horrible thing…
But you are all pretending like that shit does not happen in the real world. Really? You are just going to brush it under the bed and act like I just pulled that scenario out of my ass?
That paragraph I wrote out picturing a family “selling” their daughter to the rich man to provide for the rest of the family is REAL and it happens.
So you tell me what you would do if you were the head of a household with 20-30 members living on a string in the Middle East. You tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing.

I would suggest you’ve got all this precisely backwards. People don’t sell their daughters because they’re poor: they’re poor because they sell their daughters. I know, you can argue it’s a chicken-and-egg thing, but I’ve noticed that poor countries typically have an awful lot of cultural or political features that guarantee they will stay poor, for a long time into the foreseeable future.

For example, countries that treat young girls as nothing more than meat to be sold have effectively lost 50% of their human potential. In functioning societies, women provide a vital counterpoint to the natural tendency of testosterone-fuelled men to wreak havoc. Where that counterpoint fails - because women are violently subjugated - the men inevitably spend their time drinking, fighting and gambling instead of (say) working on the farm so that the family don’t starve.

It’s not that bloody difficult to provide food, water and shelter for a family, even in extremis. It’s surprising how many “poor” people across the world have significant assets (such as land or working-age children) but completely fail to make use of them. Sometimes they can think of nothing useful to do with them except exchange them for paper currency, leaving them worse off than ever once the money evaporates (on drinking and gambling).

Countries where women are afforded at least a modicum of respect, equality, and authority - even if in a roundabout manner - tend to do a lot better than that.[/quote]

Sure, there are countries where families just sell their daughters away for a loaf of bread. But there are also 3rd world countries out there where families actually DO love their children and are forced into making these kinds of decisions. Allow the rich family to marry your daughter and in return they will offer support and the rest of your family would be taken care of? Or pass up the opportunity and allow the whole family to starve to death. Its a scenario that is REAL and it just kind of seems like you guys just don’t want to believe it happens or you would rather curl up in a ball and not want to deal with it if it were you in the father’s shoes.

No replies? Not surprised…

I give you a perfectly legitimate scenario about a poor man, supporting 20 members of his family, living day to day hanging on a thread. A rich family comes along and offers to marry his daughter and in exchange, he would help take care of the whole family. Now you tell me what you would do if not agree to forcing your daughter to marry him. Suffer the agony of watching your daughter kicking and screaming to the alter because shes too young to realize that by doing so she would be saving her whole family from starvation? Or turn down the offer and slowly die of starvation when the father can no longer support the whole family. Like I said, this is a real life situation and it happens. Its not like I pulled this shit out of my ass. So tell me what YOU would do in the father’s place.

Your scenario is incomplete. There are nearly always other choices.

For one thing, why has the poor man got 20 kids in the first place? Most likely, because of some cultural flaw that encourages huge families. He can choose not to comply. If the wife has some say in the matter, SHE can choose not to comply.

Consider also why he is “poor”. Poor people often don’t know how rich they are. I’ve met people with vast landholdings and healthy children who still live in a bamboo hut and “borrow” money for a new pair of flipflops because they have no fucking clue what to do with their vast landholdings. Plant something useful, people. Don’t just stand there knee-high in mud sticking rice in the ground.

Then, consider why the rich man is rich. More than likely he is one of the “elite”, ie., someone who (in any functioning society) would be serving a life term in jail. Perhaps a politician, warlord or crime-syndicate leader, or the owner of large landholdings acquired through dubious means. This sort of structural dysfunction is hard to fix - most countries have been through a period in their history like this - but you either fix it or prostitute your daughters for eternity. For example, the traditional British method of dealing with despotic kings, barons etc was to kill them at the earliest opportunity. It took several centuries, but eventually the whole inbred lot of them either decided to shape up, or were bumped off.

Finally, I’d say there’s a fairly obvious difference between a woman who makes a calculated decision to marry a rich man, and a young girl “too young to understand” why she has to do her duty. And would it not be a better outcome if your daughter marries a modestly-wealthy man by choice - say, someone who actually knows how to run a farm - rather than an obscenely wealthy one under sufferance?

I never accused Herr Wang of being white; I accused him of indulging in an intellectual disease invented by white academics in the PC age which is in all truth utterly racist. Those Khazakhs know exactly what they’re doing when they drag her in kicking and screaming to be forcibly married and then raped, as does anyone who beats or rapes or mutilates for whatever reason. “It’s their culture man” is equivalent to “non-whites can’t be as good as whites”.

Also I agree with Finley, as would any economist; allowing women enough rights to dictate when they birth and how they spend their time is a fundamental requirement for economic development. All developing nations feminise their workforce as a requirement for development.