Manny Ramirez coming to Taiwan

Provided he doesn’t sign with an MLB team in the next week he will play for the EDA Rhinos out of Kaohsiung. … nese-team/

Now let’s hope The Man of Steal, Rickey Henderson, comes over to join him.

Two of the most colorful players of all time. I hope they never retire for good.

Go Twins!

Manny Ramirez in Taiwan…ought to make for some interesting news clips (assuming it even happens). If he is anywhere near the hitter he was in his prime he should destroy the pitching…BUT…I wonder whether he will really be into playing in this league (highly doubtful) and how long such committment is going to last (likely not long). Also, how well will his known indifference to playing defense go over in Taiwan? Does the Taiwanese league have a DH rule? My guess is that if he has any remaining ability he will move on to greener pastures elsewhere in fairly short order thus treating to Taiwan as a training and career rehabilitation stop. If he is completely shot Taiwan will be the last stop before retirement. In any event, it should highly entertaining for however long it lasts.

It is interesting that he is coming to Taiwan. I saw him play in the exhibition with the Dodgers in 2010.

The Taiwanese All-Stars won the came in Taipei and the Dodgers won the second game in Kaoxiung.

I’ve started a blog and am gonna be posting and tweeting about Manny this summer, and possibly other relevant CPBL news.

Check it out if any baseball fans are interested.

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What’s the upcoming Manny schedule? I have gone to the CPBL site but the translation is a mess. I’m really only looking for Kaohsiung (maybe Tainan) and the weekend but I’m sure others would be interested in other locations. That would be a good blog topic…

He’s back in Taiwan…

Even had me watching Taiwan baseball live on TV when he played here in 2013 for those 3 months.