Maoman Jokes

What is Maoman’s kitchen counter made of? Forumica
What is Maoman’s favorite tree? miumosa
What is the main ingredient in Maoman’s favorite beer? forumaldahyde
What is Maoman’s favorite resaurant? Pondumorosa
Who is Maoman’s favorite author? C. S. Forumester
Why couldn’t Maoman go to the ball? He didn’t have the proper forumal wear.
Who is Maoman’s favorite director? Milos Foruman
What does Maoman like to do best? forumicate

What’s Maoman’s favourite French food? - Forumage

Maoman’s computer doesn’t have a “Ctrl” key, he’s always in control.
Maoman beat the sun in a staring contest.

[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]Who is Maoman’s favorite author? C. S. Forumester
You mean E. M. Forumester

Maoman has a fat belly.

What will be Maoman’s undoing?

fuzzy logic

What would our fearless leader’s catchphrase be if he was Bart Simpson?

Don’t have a Mao-man!

Chuck Norris still owns Maoman. Don’t worry, the universe is still in order.

I guess that means his favorite drink is a forumimosa.

How many Maomen does it take to change a light bulb?


Ooh, ooh - I’ve got one - what are my favorite sunglasses?

Ray-BANS of course.

Also, I have a fat belly.

[quote=“Toe Save”]How many Maomen does it take to change a light bulb?


One to go out and buy the light bulb with his own time and money.
A couple of mates to hold the ladder and check the switch works.
Forty twelve bajillion people to push their way into his house, drink his beer, write on his walls, put their feet on his coffee table, and tell him how he’s done it wrong and should’ve done it their way instead and the light’s too bright and now it’s too dim and why didn’t he put it in the corner over there and why is he always shining it in MY face and why the hell is the light off now and how come other people get to use more of the light being cast and it’s so unfair because this is a public light and so on and so on.