Maori news segment about finding roots in an Amis village


Maybe there’s a video of the entire trip in English? It’s interesting that the Maori language didn’t go through palatalization from dental to fricative, but Amis (Pangcah) did.


A different finding roots TV program from New Zealand. The Taiwan part starts around 32 minutes.


Very cool. Need to check this out this weekend.


Cool videos.
Never knew Bunun had that style of dance .


Awesome videos! Thanks for posting!



Very interesting ! Thanks for sharing.


Reminds me of theories holding that some of the Indigenous of the Americas come from Taiwan. Very cool.


Most Indigenous Americans aren’t from Taiwan, however, there are signs of per-columbian contact between Polynesians and the Americas.


The history of human migration to America is very unclear.


Evidence of pre-Columbian contact between Polynesians and the Americas includes spread of yam in Polynesia, and chicken in the Americas prior to the age of discovery.

Both the Mapuche and the Chumash peoples possibly have connections with Polynesians.


That video was pulled, with the excuse that “this video is not allowed to be showed outside of New Zealand,” so I just uploaded this report about the documentary that I archived in 2006.

Long may it live.