Map or App of Free or All Parking Spots in Taipei

Is there a map or an app or a cheat sheet that shows all free parking spot locations in Taipei City or maybe all parking spots and whether they’re red, yellow or free?

I know some spots around Taipei and by the Riverside and outside of Taipei but is there anything useful that easily identifies all these places?

Like to drive to an area and drive to the next area and drive the next area if they are easily identified somewhere. Need to park a car or cars for days or week or two at a time.

In many countries/cities there are restrictions on how long you can park within a spot without moving, even if those restrictions are not posted on signs. I am not sure whether Taipei has such restrictions, but make sure you look into it.

There are also some parking lots you can rent by month. In that case you wouldn’t have to worry about the car getting towed after a few days.

Taipei may have a new app.

I’m not sure sure if that’s what you are looking for, but I’m using an app which is quite helpful:
iOS :arrow_forward:
Android :arrow_forward:

They will mark the tires to see if a car has been moved.

Paid parking,

Just get one of those tire cleaners thingies on Ebay. Washed the chalk right off.