Marble Carver

I would like to get a piece of marble sculptured into an American Indian head about 30 CM cubed.

Anyone know of a custom marble carver?

I know one. He’s a British sculptor exhibiting his work here – his wife’s local. I’d imagine it would cost you at least a hundred thousand dollars for a commission like that. Is this what you’re thinking of?

Yes but certianly not that much money

I’ll get in touch with him and see if he knows any art students or something like that who would do it. The guy I’m talking about is an established artist and his bigger pieces go for a HELL of a lot more than 100k! I was erring on the low side – 100k is only around US$3,000.

Only $3000. :astonished:
Heck, I’d order a whole tribe.

[quote=“Josefus”]Only $3000. :astonished:
Heck, I’d order a whole tribe.[/quote]
US$3,000 that’ll go at auction for several times that in a few years.

My sister has on that was carverd in the US and it cost her about $3000 USD so I’m sure one could be get here for less.

I’m sure one could, if you can find a local non-in-demand sculptor with the requisite skills. It won’t be any cheaper if you commission an established local artist.
Or you could take a trip down to Hualien and visit some of the many marble quarries/stonemasons there. The quality will be very hit-or-miss, though, and still expensive. You have to remember that most of the marble there is simply cut by machine into facings for the construction industry, although I’m sure they have people who actually work the stone, too.

Taipei National University of the Arts
1 Hsuen-Yuan Road, Peitou, Taipei 112, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-8961000

This university has a marble/stone carving workshop. I have seen some amazing work done here. I am sure that you could get a student to carve the work you want. It might be slightly cheaper than 100K. Good luck.