March 2015 Dive Trip to the Maldives!

Hello Forumosa,

Myself and Dive Village (the dive shop I work for in Kenting) are currently working out the details for a once-in-a-lifetime dive trip to the Maldives. We’re planning to go in March of 2015. It’s still a long way off but the sooner we figure out the schedule and book the trip, the cheaper it will be. Whale sharks, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks, eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, octopus, eels, schools of barracuda, and sea turtles are just some of the many things you will see. That’s just scratching the surface. For more information about this unforgettable trip, please visit the Dive Trips menu heading on my webpage:

We’re still in the planning phase so I don’t have all of the details yet, but I will update my website with more details as I get them. If you’d like to join us on this trip, please use the contact form on my website to let me know that you’re interested. If you’re not a certified diver yet, what are you waiting for!? I’m a PADI Open Water Instructor, Specialty Instructor, and Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Check out my website for more information about myself and the courses I teach. Come down to Kenting and get certified so you can join us on this trip!

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Right now planning a dive trip to Maldives to Fuvahmulah last week of November.

Anyway looking at flights. Malaysia airlines has Taipei to KL overnight then KL to Male in the morning. They have a 35kg choice baggage allowance. Issue is they fly 30 year old aircraft 737 800. 17 inch seats. Their business class is not worth paying for.

So my wife mocks me and says why don’t I spend some of my money before I die and fly Emirates Business class. Lounge bar on the A380. Emirates Boeing 777 are nicely outfitted. My wife is very funny.

So if the Tiger Sharks or Hammerheads don’t get me I should have a couple of weeks of great shark diving.

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Enjoy! Sounds great. :+1:

Just checked Singapore Airlines…

50K Eco
83K business class no contest fly business class Dreamliner 10 to Singapore A350 Singapore to Male