Marriage and MOE scholarship

Hi! I’m studying here as a Master’s student under the MOE scholarship. My partner (Taiwanese) and I (foreign) want to get married, but we don’t know if we should wait until I finish my studies in case marrying would make me ineligible for the MOE scholarship. Also, in case I don’t lose the scholarship by getting married, does being married to a national make me ineligible when I apply for the MOE scholarship for PhD in the future?

You need to check the MOE scholarship contract. As I know you should be ok with having a marriage ARC as long as you don’t obtain Taiwanese nationality during the scholarship term. Also you don’t need to run and get a marriage-based ARC as long as you have the student one but it helps start counting your time towards APRC if you change it to a marriage-based one.


Thank you!
I was wondering if there were any potential advantages of changing my ARC to a marriage-based one.
I will ask my school and the MOE officials too, just to be certain.