Marriage ARC to Work ARC, is it necessary?

Hi all. I have a spouse dependent ARC nearing to expire and needs renewal soon. But few months ago, I landed a job.
Is is necessary to change my ARC to work ARC or keep spouse dependent ARC? My spouse is not a Taiwan citizen.
Any effect in my residency if I plan to apply for APRC in future?
Any pros and cons?

If you change the type of ARC, then the 5 year wait for APRC might reset. Talk to NIA before doing so.

No need to change from marriage based ARC if you don’t anticipate getting divorced before getting APRC.

Iiuc, it is not necessary, though you can change it to work based ARC if your salary is no less than NT $47,971.

If you get your APRC via work based ARC, or 5 years residency and financial assets, you can keep your APRC independently from your spouse.

If you get it as a dependent of your spouse, your APRC is tied with your spouse’s, and the length you need depend on your spouse’s ARC. If it is foreign senior professional, you can apply with your spouse. If not, you should wait for 5 years after your spouse get APRC. It will be 3 years for foreign special professional’s spouse once an amended law will become effective.

Are you sure about this? There is at least a poster who reported that years on different types of ARCs were combined, iirc.

If you change your status from work based ARC to ARC as a spouse of citizen, and you want to get APRC as a spouse, you should be on the new marriage based ARC for 5 years, but you can still apply for APRC with the 5 year and assets condition, iiuc.

His friend changed from work based ARC to marriage based ARC. APRC time resets. Later he got divorced… back to work based ARC, APRC time resets.

Looks like it depends on the situation. So it is better to go to NIA and inquire about the status of the APRC and if you can change the ARC type without resetting APRC time.


Right. Also found this.

work based → marriage based :white_check_mark: no reset
marriage based (divorce) → work based :x: reset

I’m not convinced on this yet. off topic, though.

this might be a similar case. except that I will be changing from spouse ARC to Work ARC.

Divorce is also out of the question.
if marriage based <= => word based should have no impact on applying for APRC later, then it is all good.