Marriage based ARC renewal - deadline and penalty fees

I waited too long to renew my passport at the AIT. If it doesn’t get returned to me before my ARC expires, is there a grace period before the penalty fee kicks in? I remember paying a fee for missing a deadline many years ago.
Also, if I renew my passport at the AIT in person, is the processing faster?
I saw in another thread that going to the immigration office and explaining the situation may get the fee waived. Is that a possibility? I have until 1/18. I just worry it will take more than four weeks to get my passport from the AIT through the mail if I send everything in on Monday.

If you are asking about the rules, the fine is 2000NTD for 1~10 days overstay.

I don’t know, but asking them wouldn’t hurt anything.

If I mail my passport paperwork tomorrow it should come before 1/15 and that would be ok for the 1/18 ARC deadline. But early next week I’m going into the immigration office to ask them for an extension. Someone I know said they got a six month extension while their passport was being processed in Hong Kong.


Maybe if you could go today before you send your passport off, it maybe better to have your documentation with you.

I have no time except Tuesdays unfortunately.