Marriage Contract authentication

The scenario: I am a FIlipino, my husband is a FIlipino. He has APRC card. We are going to Taiwan this December and will be bringing authenticated copies of MC and BC of my kid.

Questions for the marriage contract authentication, to be filed in TECO Manila.

  1. Is the Taiwan Household Certificate needed?
  2. What is Taiwan Household Certificate?
  3. Should I needed to be interviewed for the process? My husband obviously can’t appear coz he is in Taiwan.
  4. How long does it take for the papers to come out?
  5. Are they that meticulous in TECO Manila for the authentication?
  6. What is this Single status of the Filipino applicant & native born Filipino-Chinese issued by the National Statistic office, Quezon City.? Is it applicable/necessary to all?

More inputs is highly appreciated.