Marriage Counseling, Courtesy of the Legislature

I’m still laughing…yet another brilliant scheme from the legislature. Yep, four hours of counseling is really going to reduce those divorce rates, you betcha. You can legislate marital relationships, great idea. Coming from these bastions of marital integrity, I’m touched by their deep concern for marriages in Taiwan. Yet another great way to spend those tax dollars. Etc., etc.

Couples legally required to attend premarital courses
New law aims to lower nation’s divorce rate, will take effect two weeks after its passage

2003-01-08 / Taiwan News, Staff Reporter / By Taijing Wu
The Legislative Yuan passed into law a family education bill yesterday after its third reading, regulating that Taiwanese who intend to get married must submit to pre-marriage counseling for at least four hours in an attempt to reduce the divorce rate.

The law stipulates that every city and county government must establish family education centers and cooperate with family associations and schools in promoting family planning.

Kuomintang Legislator Chiang Yi-wen (

If it weren’t so incredibly stupid it actually might be funny.

[quote]Kuomintang Legislator Chiang Yi-wen (

More window dressing.

for a version of the story without so many typos &c., see

Can we still receive counselling if we are already married??? :wink:

Marriage Instruction Manual

  1. Insert Tab A into Slot B.

  2. (Any ideas?)


[quote=“blueface666”]Marriage Instruction Manual

  1. Insert Tab A into Slot B.

  2. (Any ideas?)

I have an idea for Step 2 below…

Marriage Instruction Manual

  1. Insert Tab A into Slot B.

  2. Repeat Step 1 if necessary

  1. Never insert Tab A into Slot C.

Different strokes for different folks! :laughing:

Way to elevate the discussion guys. I feel like I’m in a high school locker room.

Come on Tomas, you like base humor just as much as the rest of us. :wink:

Guilty, though I don’t begin to match some of you salacious mofos in my level of “earthiness.” You put me to shame–I’m not worthy.

I’d like to hook this guy up to a polygraph and ask him about adultery, which I see as a big problem here.

I have a married American friend who goes whoring with his group of married Taiwanese guy friends. In order to be a member, you have to be married. Also in Taiwan, you can beat your wife 3 times before she can divorce you for it. She of course has to go to the hospital and police station each time. Of course there is also the high quality of Taiwanese judges who shuffle around court cases forever, are susceptible to bribes, chauvinist and have deemed oral sex not to be adultery(does it count if I eat their wife’s muffin?).

Once again we have Chinese legislating morality, because it makes them look good and gives everyone face. You see this a lot. What was Chiang Kai-Shek’s deal, The New Life Movement? Not to be outdone, Chairman Mao had tons of programs like these.

Just Chinese being Chinese


[quote]does it count if I eat their wife’s muffin?[/quote]Dirty pricks :smiling_imp:

I ask a legitamite question and you tar me with the same brush as these uncouth ruffians.

I just want to to know. If I lick a judges wife the right way(It’s not like painting a fence and doing the ABC’s is sooooo out! Though licking

Chin up bud, I meant nothing by it. I thought the muffin line was quite funny. Cheers mate.

Has it been mentioned who would be doing the counseling, what qualifications they would have to have? I would think that this four-hour business could be quite a cash cow for an underemployed therapist with connections to whatever branch of the government is organizing this…