Marriage in Taiwan


I’m looking at getting married to a Taiwanese girl this year, however, I’m unsure of what places where I can look. I have an idea of what traditions involve Taiwanese weddings, but I’m looking for information such as costs, expectations, etc. If you could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Many traditions if you do it the old fashion way … and you could even make some money of it, if … you do it right …

I just married in the courthouse in Taipei … not too many traditions we followed … only the expensive ones … buying 800NT$ a box cookies to give away … times 100 … but we didn’t have the ridiculous expensive photo shoot … but it’s your own choice … you can make as expensive as you want … people will give you a red envelope with amounts from 800 to … ? NT$
Invite as many people as you can … rich people … even the ones you don’t know … :slight_smile:

Wow! We had the same wedding. Except I didn’t even bother with the courthouse. We just got a set of red books from the bookstore. I signed my name where the Missis told me too and we were married. The cookies were the worst part. 600 nt a box for pork cakes. I couldnt eat it.

If your wife wants a big wedding just do what I did. Take out 200,000 from the bank and put it in a box. Ask her " Do you want this or a big wedding?" The chinese girl in her will take the money.
The chinese girl in her might also take the money and then whine about not having a wedding for the next 5 years.

The Chinese girl in her might also take the money and then whine about not having a wedding for the next 5 years.[/quote]

I think you can take the word “Chinese” out of that sentence. I know DAMNED WELL all of my sisters would do exactly that.

Actually, it depends a lot on the girl’s parents as well, and how important their opinions matter to the girl.
Most parents will freak if you guys didn’t hold a large wedding. It’s all about the face.
200,000 NT = Hahaha Sure. Where do u plan to hold it? Out on the street?

You get most of the money back anyways. :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to have a big wedding party but than her mother cut in and told us we should have one because of what friends and family would otherwise think about us … showing ‘face’
… anyways … if you do it right you might earn a buck or two … :wink:

I invited about 10 of my close friends in Taiwan and that’s it … the other 200 were her family and friends …

Ok, so the small family one than. :wink:

We got married in Austria (the official thing…) but we cam to Taiwan to have the kind of celebration too. Family orders…
Thanks good they just made the small one so there were “just” 400 people. My brother-in-law married 10 months earlier and they had 1000 or so. :astonished: :unamused:
Regarding the traditions, I had the luck to not understand chinese (even less than now :slight_smile: ) so I was just following orders. Oh, and eat something before you have your wedding meal. I just catched the first dish of the 14 course meal, the rest of the time I spend with a drink in my hand to visit all the tables and to talk (well not me but my wife and them) to all guest. When we were through it, we had to sit and make pics with every possible combination of relatives on it (just parents, just brothers and sisters, closer family, wider family, just mothers side, just fathers side, just cousins, just grand parents, just, just, just…) and when we went trough this and I thought I can catch some food we had to go to the entrance and say thanks to everybody who was leaving, handing out this expansive cookies, and so on…

All in all, a great experience… :smiley:
(which you woun’t do a second time I guess)