Marriage Officiant/Marriage Commissioner in Taipei


My gf and I are planning a wedding in Taipei at the end of this year. We both went to school in North America but one of us resides in Taipei now for career reasons. For the life of us, we cannot find someone to be a marriage commissioner or marriage officiant for our wedding ceremony. I know that this is not an occupation recognized by the government. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to find an officiant/commissioner or know of anyone that could be one? We both are not Catholic or Christian so priests are out of the question.

Thanks in advance!!!


You try the Community Center? If anyone knows they might.

I’m getting married in May. What’s an officiant? We’re getting stamps at the courthouse, for which we need two adult “wintesses,” in this case my girlfriend’s parents. Other than that, an officiant or commissioner would just be ceremonial, right?

An officiant or marriage commissioner isn’t something required in Taiwan. We are both originally from Canada and being a marriage officiant/commissioner is an actual occupation in Canada. Basically, you can hire a person to conduct a non religious ceremony for you just like in the movies.

Hi did you find it? Can you recommend anyone in Taiwan?