Marriage visa questions

Doesn’t it reset the clock on your APRC if you switch? I would not be doing that if I was only a year away, moreover as stated the work APRC comes with rights you can never get with the marriage based one.

no, you don’t get anymore visa. I believe OP’s visa is already expired, because what we renew is ARC, not visa. OP will just change the purpose of his ARC…

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Wow good information. for me.
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No, wrong. My visa expires late July. My ARC is based on my work-visa being renewed.

isn’t it your work permit?

The instruction for ARC doesn’t say I don’t need a visa to renew my ARC, so I might be wrong, but iirc, I didn’t bring my old passport with a visa to renew my ARC.

To change the purpose of your ARC, you don’t need a visa.

3.A passport with resident visa.( A foreign national applying for modifications in the reasons for residency pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 23 of the Act, is exempt from being examined for an entry visa)

Sorry I used the wrong terminology. The reason it’s so simple is because you are only switching the purpose of your ARC.

As long as your ARC isn’t expired, you can switch the purpose anytime before the expiration date.

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@DakenX, did you get your APRC?

Yes, i got it last year, i collected all the information beforehand so application went smoothly.

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This is the only reason I wouldn’t recommend switching to marriage based ARC. Best to either hope you don’t lose the job, or just find some minimum hours gig that will let you glide to the 5 year mark at which point you can get the “good APRC” and not the crappy “marriage APRC” (cards are identical, it’s all in the records).

No, I did this years ago and changed my ARC reason from student to marriage and I didn’t need my FBI background check because I already had an ARC.

I’m I’m the same position, except I just moved back and my old ARC expired so I’m trying to get my FBI background check done and they received it 5 days ago but there’s been progress, which I just found out is due to that section working remotely.

All you have to do is be on your wife’s family household registration. Bring a current household registration certificate, your marriage certificate, your wife, and your current ARC to immigration and they will just switch it to a marriage ARC purpose WITHOUT needing an FBI background check.

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Thanks so much! I’ll ask immigration about that.

This is helpful. I have had my ARC for up to 6 years now (through 3 different jobs) currently filling out the online app and will head over to MOFA later this afternoon to get this done. I believe this is what I need

  • Filled out application form
  • Valid ARC
  • Passport
  • Copy of passport
  • 2 passport sized photos
  • Taiwan marriage certificate (English and Chinese)
  • Hard copy of Taiwanese spouses’s household registration
  • Spouses ID card

Hopefully no road blocks. I want to get this sorted with the chance that Taipei may end up closing up with the current worldwide situation.


Remember to bring your spouse, too! :wink:
(Not necessary for renewals, lol)

I brought her, but it wasn’t a requirement :laughing:

Updated! They did not take a copy of the marriage certificate, but they did check it. I also brought my health check, but I don’t think they even seriously looked at it.

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Yeah I definitely didn’t bring any kind of health check, ha!
I think they just use your file photo?
Fingers crossed, hopefully it comes through soon.

The marriage APRC is not that bad, if you realize that you can apply for an exception online for up to 2 years if you need to leave for studies, medical treatment etc, after which, you can re-apply again for another 2 years.