Marriage visa questions

Do I need an FBI background check for a Marriage visa? I’ve heard the FBI isn’t doing background checks during this covid-19 lockdown period. Besides a marriage and housing certificate, and the usual documents you’d need for a normal ARC, is there anything else I’d need?

Also, does a marriage visa carry the same residency and work rights as an APRC?

Forgive my ignorance and laziness if there’s another topic on this. Feel free to merge to an existing thread, but please answer if you can.

EDIT: Is this list current and accurate?

Assuming you mean a Resident Visa (JFRV), then yes, you do need a Criminal Records Check when applying.

Documents as per the list linked was what I used in February 2020.
My partner says that the ARC that I got last week says that I can work (its in Chinese, which I cant read, and being able to work is not important to me).

Shoot. Then this isn’t good.

Yes, and I doubt that the TW Immigration would relent, Criminal records checks (Lack of a mention) are a pretty important part of getting a Visa.

So I’m up shit creek without a paddle then. Oh well, I’ll call immigration office on Monday for guidance, but whenever I ask them anything it’s like trying to discuss astrophysics with a toddler.

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Does Taiwan only accept FBI background check?
I could have sworn years ago I had my home state police do the background check (my mom helped me) for my document preparation.
Or is memory loss one sign of da virus?

How long until your APRC currently, any urgent need to switch now?

July. I’m on normal work ARC. I want marriage visa or APRC as insurance. I’m worried there’s like a 20% chance my uni job won’t get renewed (I’m on annual contract) due to declining enrollment and covid. If that happens, I don’t want to be left stateless.

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I mean how long have you been on your current ARC? Perhaps I’m not catching it. Regardless, there should be a nearly automatic 6 month extension should you lose your job. If you’ve already been here for some time, it might be better to hold out for the work based APRC as you have better rights with it. Actually, it’s better in most cases to go that route if you can. Anyway, just consider it carefully.

So, as you have an ARC now, you are really only seeking a change in the reason. Did you get a Criminal records check in the past when you first got a Visa?

Either way, yes talk to Immigration and see what the best course is.

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Iiuc, the FBI check is to get a resident visa based on marriage with a citizen.

You already have an ARC, and just change the purpose. So, I think you just need to provide the proof of your marriage to change the purpose of your ARC.

Besides, if you can apply for APRC in this July, it is better IMO.


My ARC is the basic one based on my work visa, so I renew it every year at the end of July when I receive my new work permit for the next school year.

Even on the most basic ARC? That’d be great if that’s the case.

I still need a background check for an APRC. That’s the reason I inquired about the marriage-based one, because I thought I might not. So it’s a moot point. I’ll try to get an APRC then, but the challenge is it seems the FBI aren’t currently processing background checks.

No, when I got my job 4 years ago I didn’t need one back then. I know, I should’ve taken care of this earlier.

The reason I want to change is my current ARC is a work-based one. I want one based on residency, so I’m not worried about my legal status if I happen to lose my job.

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Sorry, I should be more clear. How long have you been here on any type of work ARC. If you are getting close to the five year mark, it’s really better to hold out for that. Many would argue it’s best to hold out for that anyway. You don’t need to be in the same job for five years, just the same type of ARC.

Regarding the extension, search a bit as I seem to recall many here discussing it.

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Thanks anyway, guys. I’ll see what immigration says on Monday.

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Just shy of 4 years.

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I would do whatever I could to wait and get the work based APRC. Your rights here are so much stronger going that route. Good luck with everything!

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Marriage based ARC causes some troubles if something happens to the marriage.

APRC through marriage ARC is cancelled if you stay in Taiwan less than 183 days per year (for consecutive 2 years?).

APRC through work ARC is cancelled if you never be in Taiwan for 5 years.


When I got married and wanted to switch my work-based ARC to a marriage-based ARC, it was eeeeeasy! I think because you’re not applying for a new one, you’re just “Changing Purpose of Resident Visa.”

My husband had to come with me, with his ID. We also brought our (Taiwan) marriage certificate, my passport and ARC.
We mostly filled out the form at the counter because it was a little confusing, and the lady just told us what we did or didn’t need to fill out.
Paid $1000nt (they only let you have it for one year at first, then up to three after), and boom, it was ready in less than two weeks I believe.

No record check, no health check, nothing. Easy. But I DO recommend going while you still have some time left on your ARC, so you don’t have to bother with any question of a renewal.

I second this! I just went last month. If you already have your ARC, you are simply switching it to the marriage visa. You do not need to follow the requirements on the website, because that is for people who do not already have a visa in Taiwan and are coming from abroad.

All you need is what @Britt already described above.

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