Marriage Visa Questions

1.) If I receive a marriage visa, is it similair to that of a PARC and does not need to be renewed each year?
2.) Do I still need a sponser to gain employment, or could I freelance?

In regard to your questions –

(1) No. A marriage visa is called a JFRV. It is not a PARC, nor does it have the functionality of a PARC. The JFRV definitely does have an expiry date and needs to be renewed.

(2) There is no consensus on this in the legal forums of … There is a fairly long thread on which explains some of the differing viewpoints … See – … c&&start=0

If you are an energetic sort of person, perhaps you can contact a Legislator to get this matter of “work rights” straightened out. One good choice might be this KMT Legislator –
LAI Shyh-Bao
Tel: (02) 2358-8166, 2708-1120 … 07&stage=6

I know that he and his staff have worked on “foreign spouse” issues before.