Married in Taiwan and divorce probably in France

Good afternoon everyone,
Here is my problem…
I m french citizen married with a Taiwanese citizen for 3 years. Married in taiwan. She has been gone in France for the last 2 years with no envy to come back to Taiwan. I want to divorce , i guess in France as she now lives there. .
What are the steps about divorce to make it recognize by Taiwan.
In the contrary , if the divorce will be in Taiwan, what are the steps to make it recognize in France.
Asking so if i one day i decide to remarry someone here also. Thank you !


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Good morning,
Married in Taiwan and will probably get divorced in France. Does anyone have a feedback about that? Any advices?


Was the link shared by @tando above of any help?

It does but i have a more specific question about France. That is not in this link

Have you tried contacting the French embassy in Taiwan or the Taiwanese embassy in France?