Married in US, live in Taiwan now, divorce procedure?

Hi - well here is the situation, I’m just looking for some preliminary advice since I know nothing about this stuff.

I met my wife and we were married in the US. We have since moved to Taiwan and had our US marriage validated here. For various reasons, I now want a divorce. Does anyone know what the procedure is for the divorce? I’m guessing that we will have to fly back to the US for paperwork/court proceedings there?

I also know that my resident visa will become void since I have it through my marriage with her and I will be forced to leave Taiwan (no issue with this, I will be taking a job in Malaysia soon, or possibly returning to the US if I don’t accept that job).

Can anyone shed some light on this situation as far as what will be required to get the divorce? I have no experience with this so I really need help! Thanks!