Married in US, then came to TW, how to bring wife to US?

I’m a US citizen and met and married my Tawanese wife while in the states. We then came here to Taiwan and will be leaving back for the states in 2 or 3 years. I’ve heard a lot of conflicting information about how I should bring here back to the US when we go? I tried searching this forum but couldn’t find anything, maybe my search skills are lacking. Some people have said I have to go back alone for 6 months before she can come to the US? This seems pretty crazy to me since we were married in the US and we registered everything there while she was on a legitimate work visa. I didn’t do any green card stuff for her at that time because form what I read you have to stay in the country for several years or your green card apllication becomes void, whiich wouldn’t work becase we are now in Taiwan for a few years.

Anyways: what’s the best way to bring my wife back with me and get her started on green card/citizenship stuff when I go back?


Visit the A.I.T and explain your situ. I am sure they will know what to do?

It does not matter at all that you were legally married in the US now that you are back in Taiwan. The only thing that matters is your wife’s visa status which determines what her legal status is for entering the US. If her work visa is no longer valid she can only apply at AIT for a B2 visa. If you had stayed in the US you could have applied through USCIS for her work visa to be adjusted to a CR-1 visa but now that you are back in Taiwan her entry to the US will be more difficult. This website has a lot of information about the visa requirements:

If you had gotten married in Taiwan you could have applied at AIT and cut the time substantially to get the marriage visa but since you were married in the US I am not sure if they can accept your forms. There are stories about travelling to the US while immigration paperwork is pending, you should read those too.

I think it wouldnt hurt to pay a visit in person to the A,I.T get the scoop on it.

I would do that if it was me.