Marry by proxy?

I am a Dutch guy and my girlfriend lives in Taichung. We been dating for 1.5 years and we love eachother. I asked her to marry me and she said yes :smile:
However recently the Dutch government canceled exceptions for long distance relations to enter the country due to the Covid situation. The only possibility to see each other in Taiwan or The Netherlands would be if we get married. And that is not possible in person, since we cannot meet. So I am investigating if we could marry by proxy.
The Dutch law is pretty strict on allowed exeptions for marrying by proxy, so I wonder if Taiwan maybe allows this and where I could find more info about this. So if anyone has some clues, thanks

You’ve been dating for 1.5 years during a pandemic? How did you ever get to see each other?


We lived together in Taiwan for 5 months and in The Netherlands for 4 months.

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I have no idea but congratulations :confetti_ball:


Taiwan was still open for visitors, but closed for new ones when I was there.
The Netherlands allowed entry for long distance relations.

@Andrew0409 thanks :smiley:

That’s the best answer you can get! Congratulations!

You could meet up in a 3rd third country then get married. Guess she can enter Netherlands with a marriage certificate?

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taiwan allows it on special occasions, but I don’t know if covid restrictions included. Your gf could ask to her HHR office.

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