Marrying in Taiwan during COVID

Hi everyone
I am currently looking into how to get married here in Taiwan to my girlfriend who is a Taiwanese national and I am an APRC holder from England.
It looks to be impossible without going back to England which we naturally cannot do at the moment due to COVID.
If anyone has done this and can help me with some steps to follow or places to go for help then I would be incredibly grateful. This is driving me mad!

Thanks for any help in advance

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Don’t think you are going to be able without going back to England. With no quarantine there and a shortened one here, it is not that bad now.

In the past, people in your situation got married in HK.

I did that.

Wouldn’t do that now. I’d go back to England and get the documents needed.


I second this. Have a holiday in England and get it down there.

Marriage ceremonies are forbidden now?
I never heard that.

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Yeah, this is confusing. Is it something to do with the UK government recognizing the marriage, and not having an embassy in Taiwan?

Thanks for the replies. Going back isnt possible at the moment. Is there any way to do it remotely? Staying here?

He needs a document from his home country saying he is single.

To get this from the England, you have to apply in person. So a trip back is a must. Massive pain in the arse, so people used to get married in HK instead because no document was needed.

Can you apply remotely now? No idea…I got married 13 years ago.

Should be easy to google. I doubt it though. They have to put a notice up in the registry office announcing you will marry. People then have a certain amount of time to protest.


If you need to get a certificate of no impediment (CNI)

The local Household Registration Office may tell you that you need a CNI in order to get married.

To get a CNI, you must travel to the UK and make an appointment at a local register office to give notice of your marriage. A CNI costs £35.

I just checked on the UKgov website. You have to go back!!! Sorry.

That is a pain in the ass. I’m with the posters that say hold off and make it a fun time in England when it’s possible then.

If memory serves me correctly there was a post on one of the Brits in Taiwan Facebook pages, perhaps also on here, with a very inventive way to get “around” that requirement. AFAIR it involved an online marriage in a US state and use of that marriage certificate to translate to a Taiwan certificate or something along those lines.


Just get it done in England, OP.

Why is COVID stopping you?

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Here you go,

This is cool and i would try this.