Martial arts on chinese new year and after

Hi everyone,

I will be in Taipei for a while and I want to practice some martial arts. I wonder if any school is still open around chinese new year.

I have a background of Taekwondo, some Jujitsu and a little bit of Xing yi and Qi gong. I really want to learn Baguazhang and/or Wingchun. But if that is not available, I’d be happy with any chinese or non chinese “traditional” martial arts.

I’m located close to QiZhang MTR, and I will study chinese in Shida. But I’m ready to travel a little bit if it is for a very nice martial art school.

I know about Yizong school from the website, but it seems to be off for chinese new year, and I don’t know the fees yet. Anyone here have some first hand experience with that school?

I also found this school on the web: I’m a little suspicious about any “shaolin” school, but it might be good as well. Anybody knows about this school?

I’ve read the whole topic about “Martial arts - School, teachers”, but many posts are very old and the information might not be up to date. That is why I’m making this new topic.

I wish you a happy new year!